DEI Student Committee

The Pardee RAND Student DEI Committee helps to plan and implement the school's diversity, equity, and inclusion–focused activities. The committee also assesses and enhances our current DEI practices. The committee includes three students and is led by DEI director Malcolm Williams with support from DEI project manager Marylou Gilbert. Each student member serves a one-year renewable term and liaisons with RAND’s employee resource groups (ERGs), helping to coordinate and advertise activities across Pardee RAND and the larger RAND community.

The committee is proud to showcase RAND research related to diverse populations. In 2023, for Native American History Month, the DEI committee hosted a hybrid presentation featuring RAND researchers Elizabeth D’Amico, Ryan Brown, David Kennedy, and Alina Palimaru, who discussed their research on preventing suicide among Native American youth and identified ways for students to get involved. The session was moderated by Pardee RAND student Peggy Wilcox (cohort ’21).

In 2024, the committee partnered with Student Life Services and the BELIEVE ERG to host a Pardee and RAND-wide watch party featuring the documentary, “50 years of Hip Hop,” in honor of Black History Month.

Committee Members