Publication Rates

Student Achievement and Success

Our publications data for 2023 includes the ten most recent cohorts through 2015, mirroring our reporting of graduation rates.

We track student publications primarily through the RAND publications database. This records all RAND publications that students authored or co-authored as well as publications in non-RAND peer-reviewed journals and other publications that they subsequently recorded in RAND’s database. A list of recent student-authored publications is maintained online.

The tables below provide data on the number of registered publications by our Ph.D. graduates while they were students in the program. The numbers reflect publications that students worked on while at Pardee RAND, but in some cases publication occurred after their exit date from the program.

Pardee RAND Air Force fellows are included in this data; note that these students are required to complete their Ph.D. within three years and often have lower rates of publication than other students not on this limited timeline.

Pardee RAND does not currently have a systematic way of collecting data on the publication records of our alumni after they have completed the their Ph.D.

Publications by Cohort

Number of Registered Publications by Cohort, as of September 2023

Entrance Year Publications Graduates from Cohort Average Number of Publications per Student
2006 97 14 6.9
2007 127 17 7.5
2008 105 16 6.6
2009 153 20 7.7
2010 92 15 6.1
2011 117 16 7.3
2012 162 20 8.1
2013 128 15 9.0
2014 125 15 8.3
2015 175 19 9.2
Grand Total 1,281 167 7.7