Edwin E. and Mary T. Huddleson Outstanding Teacher Award

The role of every Pardee RAND instructor is to help build a new generation of policy leaders and to foster a highly stimulating, analytically deep, and intellectually rich learning environment. The Edwin E. and Mary T. Huddleson Award is an esteemed academic distinction presented to those instructors with outstanding achievement. The recipients are chosen by vote of the Pardee RAND student body. This makes the award unique for Pardee RAND as it is a direct reflection of the students' educational experience.

Jeanne Ringel teaching

Professor Jeanne Ringel teaches a class. Ringel received the Huddleson Award in 2013 and again in 2022.

Photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND

Recipients include:

2023:   Angel O'Mahony and Nick Fahy
2022:   Jeanne Ringel and Jessie Coe
2021:   Philip Armour and Zachary Wagner
2020:   Brien Alkire and Osonde Osoba
2019:   Philip Armour, Matthew Baird, and C. Richard Neu
2018:   Molly Selvin and Troy Smith
2017:   Philip Armour, Molly Selvin, and Troy Smith
2016:   Philip Armour and Salar Jahedi
2015:   Brien Alkire and Paul Heaton
2014:   Roland Sturm
2013:   Jeanne Ringel
2012:   Marco Angrisani
2011:   Brien Alkire
2010:   Paul Heaton
2009:   Paco Martorell
2008:   Krishna Kumar
2007:   Darius Lakdawalla
2006:   Lionel Galway and Dana Goldman
2004:   Bart Bennett
2002:   Jacob Alex Klerman
2000:   James Dertouzos and C. Richard Neu
1998:   Bart Bennett
1995:   Robert J. MacCoun
1993:   C. Richard Neu

Formally established in 1995, the award was made possible by an endowment gift from the family of the late Mary T. and Edwin E. Huddleson, Jr. Mr. Huddleson's career of distinguished public service included 27 years as a RAND trustee and 31 years as RAND's corporate counsel. As a trustee, he was instrumental in founding the Pardee RAND Graduate School. The family's gift was supplemented by other contributions to RAND made in the Huddlesons' memory, and from 2006 to 2014 the award was presented annually, alternating between instructors who teach core courses and those who teach electives. Since 2015, awards have been presented annually to both core and elective faculty.