Pardee RAND Leadership

Pardee RAND Board of Governors

The role of the Pardee RAND Graduate School Board of Governors cannot be overstated. Board members serve as strategic advisors, offering not only their ideas and expertise but also, through their generous gifts, a solid financial foundation from which we can operate. They help us not just with fundraising but also with “friend-raising”—introducing others into the Pardee RAND community so that we can achieve our overarching objective to create the next generation of policy leaders. With delegated governance authority, the board reviews and oversees our budget, offers counsel to help ensure the quality of our curriculum, supports our approach to attracting and retaining the best and brightest from throughout the world, and helps us become an engine of innovation at RAND.

Members of the Board of Governors are also primary providers of scholarships, dissertations, and unrestricted funds: They understand our need for student support and flexibility—to use money where it is needed most and when opportunities arise.

List updated July 2022

James B. Lovelace (Chair)


Capital Research Global Investors

David Barclay

Partner (retired)

Capital Group Companies

John Seely Brown


Center for the Edge, Deloitte LLP


Institute for Research on Learning

Jane Cavalier

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

BrightMark Corporate Directioning and Brand Consulting

Michael Dardia


DM Advisory

Susan Fuhrman

President (retired)

Teachers College

Columbia University

Francis Fukuyama


Ford Dorsey Master’s in International Policy

Freeman Spogli Institute

Stanford University


RAND Corporation

Pedro José Greer, Jr., M.D.

Professor and Founding Dean

Roseman University College of Medicine


RAND Corporation

Raynard S. Kington

Head of School

Phillips Academy, Andover


RAND Corporation

Ann McLaughlin Korologos

Chairman Emeritus

The Aspen Institute

Former U.S. Secretary of Labor

Trustee Emeritus

RAND Corporation

Carol M. Mangione


Department of Health Policy and Management

Fielding School of Public Health

University of California, Los Angeles


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program

University of California, Los Angeles

William E. Mayer

Cofounder and Partner

Park Avenue Equity Partners

Santiago Morales


Maxiforce Inc.

Soledad O'Brien


Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Soledad O'Brien Productions


RAND Corporation

Harper Reed


Chief Executive Officer

General Galactic Corporation

Donald B. Rice

Retired President and Chief Executive Officer

Agensys, Inc.

Former U.S. Secretary of the Air Force


RAND Corporation

Sharon Stevenson

Cofounder and Managing Director

Okapi Venture Capital, LLC

Tim Wolf


Wolf Interests, Inc.

Ex Officio

Jason Matheny

President and Chief Executive Officer

RAND Corporation