Admissions Events and Recordings

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Get to Know Us!

Pardee RAND's special virtual programming brings our community to you!

Program Overviews

These sessions will provide an overview of the M.Phil. or Ph.D. programs in Policy Analysis, the admissions process, our degree requirements, and more. Attendees also have an opportunity to hear current students and faculty describe their experiences and share their own perspectives on the program. All our events are interactive, and we encourage questions. (Zoom; recordings available upon request)

Diverse Perspectives

Moderated by a Pardee RAND alum, our Diverse Perspectives panel brings together our director of diversity, equity, and inclusion, alongside faculty, students, and alumni to share their personal experiences, stories, and perspectives on the RAND experience. (Zoom; recordings available upon request)

Ph.D. Focus Sessions

These three special area focus sessions present information for prospective Ph.D. students who are interested in learning more about each of the three focus areas we offer: research, analysis, and design; community-partnered policy and action; and technology applications and implications. Join faculty and students to discuss how each works. (Zoom; recordings available upon request)

Faculty Coffee Chats

These hour-long informal chats provide the opportunity to meet a Pardee RAND faculty member in a small group setting and find out more about ways students interact with RAND researchers. From the classroom, on-the-job training, and dissertation committees, faculty members have tremendous insight on RAND research and ways students contribute in the classroom and beyond. Some faculty members are also alumni! (Microsoft Teams, not recorded)

Admission Office Hours

Our weekly office hours offer more informal Q&A interactions with our admissions team. No question too small – just bring yourself! (Microsoft Teams, not recorded)

Watch Our Recordings

Phil Armour

Ph.D. Focus on Research, Analysis, and Design

Details: Professor Philip Armour and a panel of current students and alumni focused on Research, Analysis, and Design discuss their experiences tackling complex policy problems through multidisciplinary, cutting-edge research at RAND, Pardee RAND, and beyond.

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Stefanie Howard

Phil Armour

Program Overview — M.Phil. in Policy Analysis

Details: Associate Dean of Enrollment Stefanie Howard and Professor Phil Armour presented an overview of Pardee RAND Graduate School's Master of Philosophy in Policy Analysis, the admissions process, and more.

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Todd Richmond

Ph.D. Focus on Technology Applications and Implications

Details: Professor Todd Richmond and Ph.D. students in Technology Applications and Implications talked about how they are prototyping the future, why technology rules but policy matters, and what the Tech + Narrative Lab is doing with AI/ML, VR, IoT, and other letters of the alphabet.

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Stefanie Howard

Angel O'Mahony

Program Overview — Ph.D. in Policy Analysis

Details: Associate Dean of Enrollment Stefanie Howard and Associate Dean of Academics Angel O'Mahony, along with current students, presented an overview of Pardee RAND Graduate School's Ph.D. in Policy Analysis, the admissions process, and more.

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Cynthia Gonzalez

Ph.D. Focus on Community-Partnered Policy and Action

Details: Professor Cynthia Gonzalez and selected students discussed their work on Community-Partnered Policy and Action, including challenges of actually implementing policy and students' experiences working in communities.

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Alexandra Mendoza-Graf

Malcolm Williams

Diverse Perspectives at RAND

Details: Professor (and Alum) Alexandra Mendoza-Graf (Cohort '16) moderated a panel discussion including fellow Professor Malcolm Williams, director of Pardee RAND Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. They and other panelists discussed their career trajectories, their research, and what it’s like to be a researcher of color.

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Nancy Staudt

Rachel Swanger

On-the-Job Training

Details: Dean Nancy Staudt and Associate Dean Rachel Swanger, along with some of our OJT Brokers, discussed what it means to work on RAND project teams.

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