RAND Celebrates Alum Rick Fallon's Career

Rick Fallon at his retirement party

Photos by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

February 1, 2017

Alum Rick Fallon (cohort '75) retired from his role as RAND's chief financial officer (CFO) and senior vice president, Finance and Administration (F&A), in January 2017. In his two decades at RAND, Fallon had worked with staff across the organization on critical business decisions, performance measures, and initiatives that have increased the agility of RAND's operations.

As CFO and in his leadership of F&A, Fallon was central to charting RAND's financial health and growth and strengthening and modernizing its operations. He also oversaw RAND's long-term investment fund, business processes and controls, and financial information.

Fallon was the chief strategist in the complex financing required to build RAND's current headquarters in Santa Monica. In 2008, in the face of the global economic crisis, he led the restructuring of RAND's debt, saving the organization millions of dollars and assuring its financial stability. In 2013, with an unprecedented U.S. government shutdown on the horizon, Fallon led RAND's efforts to prepare for the financial consequences and plan for the continuity of its operations.

Fallon first came to RAND as a doctoral student at what was then the RAND Graduate Institute. After a career in business consulting, finance, and business management, he returned in 1996 as president of RAND Europe, then based in The Netherlands. Over the next four years, he navigated the strategic redirection of RAND Europe and expanded its client base. As CFO, he played a central role in all of RAND's major business expansions and restructuring efforts, including the RAND-Qatar Policy Institute, RAND Europe's 2006 restructuring, the spin-off of Praedicat, and RAND Australia.

RAND held a retirement celebration for Fallon in mid-December. Congratulations, Rick!

Selected Photos from the Celebration

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