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Spring 2017


Message from the Dean

Susan Marquis

"An engine of innovation for RAND." This is how RAND's president Michael Rich has long viewed Pardee RAND and its value to RAND as a whole. The reimagining of the graduate school is building on this vision, with the intent of developing new thinking, new tools, and the cutting edge application of technology to complex policy challenges. The transfer of RAND's Methods Centers into the school is one more step forward in realizing this vision and in strengthening the integration of the school with RAND. Methods Centers help to push forward RAND's methodological expertise, sponsor concept development of new methods, and nurture communities of practice within RAND. As part of the school, the Methods Centers will expand into an educational mission, for Pardee RAND students, RAND researchers and technologists, and for the broader policy community.

This is how innovation happens!

Susan Marquis

Methods Centers Enhance Analytic Innovation

Student Ellie Bartels leads the Board of Governors in a strategic game

RAND and Pardee RAND Graduate School are building on a history of innovation with the growth of six new analytic methods centers. The methods centers address the increasing need that public policy recommendations and impact require continued investment in a diverse set of innovative and multi-disciplinary methodologies and tools. More »

Susan Marquis and Hui Wang

Wang Helps Foster Ties with China

With the support of alum Hui Wang (cohort '88), Dean Susan Marquis visited academic and nongovernmental institutions in China to establish and strengthen relationships with Pardee RAND. Wang is the outgoing alumni member of the Pardee RAND Board of Governors. More »

Gery Ryan and students Claire O'Hanlon and Emily Haskell, photo courtesy of UC Riverside

Students Shine at Regional APPAM Conference

Over 20 Pardee RAND students presented or moderated panels at the inaugural APPAM Regional Student Conference in Southern California — an impressive showing! More »

John Davis and students take a bike ride

Brown Faculty Chairs Mix Work and Play

As Brown Faculty Chairs, Lisa Meredith and John Davis engaged with students across a range of academic activities. They also organized happy hours, lunches, and even a bike ride. More »

Chris Carson and cornhole

Let There Be No Cornfusion

Chris Carson (cohort '14), shows his school spirit and concern for fellow students' stress levels when he gifted to Pardee RAND its very own game of cornhole — customized with the school logo of course. More »

Looking for Thought-Provoking Reads?

Every summer, Dean Susan L. Marquis asks the incoming cohort of students to read two books she and the faculty recommend. This year the required book is Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City. Students can also choose from an additional four timely and proactive titles on the list. More »

Student Publications

Michele Abbott Cohort '14 and professor Deborah Cohen wrote a series of blog posts, including "A New Ugandan Cuisine: Showcasing Superfood Qualities of Millet and Sorghum" in The RAND Blog, as part of the Pardee Initiative's Traditional Grains Project

Gulrez Azhar Cohort '14 helped to create a heat vulnerability index, described in "Heat Wave Vulnerability Mapping for India," in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health; his work was also featured throughout the Indian media

Therese Jones Cohort '13: "Mining the Moon for Rocket Fuel to Get Us to Mars," in The Conversation

David Manheim Cohort '12: "Are Terrorists Using Cryptocurrencies?" in Foreign Affairs

Bonnie Triezenberg Cohort '14, alumni Anne Boustead Cohort '11 and Steven Isley Cohort '10, and professor Edward Balkovich: Helping Law Enforcement Use Data from Mobile Applications, a RAND research report

Explore all student publications and blog posts.

Alumni News

Anna-Marie Vilamovska (center) with Bulgarian president Rossen Plevneliev and the Polish Ambassador to Bulgaria, H.E. Krzystof Krajewski

Poland Honors Vilamovska

Anna-Marie Vilamovska (cohort '05) is one of the youngest recipients of a distinguished Polish medal. She "was awarded the Commander Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland for outstanding contributions to the development of Polish-Bulgarian cooperation," according to the Polish government's website. More »

Jamie and Elizabeth Gayton

Gaytons Retire after 30 Years in U.S. Army

S. Jamie Gayton (cohort '06) and Elizabeth Krall Gayton, both colonels in the U.S. Army, retired in May after each serving 30 years. Jamie planned a surprise as part of his retirement ceremony so his wife—whose service officially ended without a formal ceremony—would also be recognized. More »

Six Alumni Share Career Advice with Students

The spring quarter saw six alumni — possibly a record! — participate in the Career Development speaker series. We were happy to welcome back to campus David An (cohort '10) and Christina Huang ('10) in March, Hilary Rhodes ('02) in April, and Sarah Kups ('08) in May. John Fei ('04) joined Rhodes by phone for their April talk. Also in May, Min Mao ('11) led a webinar-style career talk. More »

Evans Wins Air Force Award

First Lt. Sarah Evans (cohort '12) received the 2016 Air Force Study Excellence Award of the Year, with coauthor Lt. Col. Gregory Steeger, for their internal report "AFSOC's Readiness: D2D & Supply-Based Force Sustainment." Congratulations!

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on your new position

"I would not be here without the education, experience, and mentorship during my time at RAND and PRGS. The formal education was a big part but the OJT experiences have been the most valuable as I've moved into various roles as researcher, senior staff informing decisions, and now as a decision maker."

— Jay Griffin (cohort '04)

Ben Batorsky

Ben Batorsky
Cohort '12

Ben is now a data scientist at ThriveHive.

Evan Bloom

Evan Bloom
Cohort '09

Evan is now a senior data scientist at Netflix.

Adam Gailey

Adam Gailey
Cohort '07

Adam is now principal at Charles River Associates.

Marlon Graf

Marlon Graf
Cohort '12

Marlon is now a research analyst at the Milken Institute.

Jay Griffin

Jay Griffin
Cohort '04

Jay was appointed by Hawaii's governor to the state Public Utilities Commission.

Ujwal Kharel

Ujwal Kharel
Cohort '14

Ujwal is now a data scientist at Activision Blizzard.

Ying Liu

Ying Liu
Cohort '04

Ying Liu is now director, global value and access at Dupilumab at Sanofi Genzyme.

Aaron Martin

Aaron Martin
Cohort '07

Aaron is now a program director at Northrop Grumman Corporation.

Nishal Nick Ramphal

Nishal "Nick" Ramphal
Cohort '02

Nick is now a senior associate in the Mergers & Acquisitions Group at Shearman & Sterling, LLP.

Abdul Tariq

Abdul Tariq
Cohort '10

Abdul is now program director for research science at New York-Presbyterian/Weil Cornell Medical Center.

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Research & Commentary

Yuhua (Catherine) Bao Cohort '99: "Physician Participation in Meaningful Use and Quality of Care for Medicare Fee-for-Service Enrollees," in Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Anne Boustead Cohort '11: "Making Democracy Harder to Hack: Should Elections Be Classified as 'Critical Infrastructure?'" in the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform

Cheryl Damberg Cohort '89: "Association Between Hospitals' Engagement in Value-Based Reforms and Readmission Reduction in the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program," in JAMA Internal Medicine

Shira Efron Cohort '11: "Toward a Renewed Middle East Peace Process," in Jewish Journal

Jordan Fischbach Cohort '04: Robust Stormwater Management in the Pittsburgh Region: A Pilot Study, a RAND research report; he was also interviewed by the local NPR station

Owen Hill Cohort '03: "The Future is not near, it's here," a commentary on driverless cars, in Colorado Statesman

Tom Lang Cohort '03: "The Policy Analyst: A Practioner's Perspective," in Decision Line, a news publication of the Decision Sciences Institute

Gregory Midgette Cohort '09: "Mixed Messages: Is Cocaine Consumption in the U.S. Going Up or Down?" (with Prof. Beau Kilmer), in Brookings - Up Front

Baoping Shang Cohort '00: "Public Spending on Health Care under IMF-Supported Programs," for the IMF Blog

Loren Yager Cohort '87: "Utah politicians fall behind their own license plates," in The Salt Lake Tribune

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Newest Alumni

Lopamudra Das

Lopamudra Das
Cohort '08

Dissertation: Role of Data in Improving Care within a Health System: A Case Study of the Australian Health System. Lopa is associate director, Health Economics and Market Access at BluePath Solutions.

Fernando Hoces de la Guardia

Fernando Hoces de la Guardia
Cohort '13

Dissertation: How Transparency and Reproducibility Can Increase Credibility in Policy Analysis: A Case Study of the Minimum Wage Policy Estimate.

Victoria Shier

Victoria Shier
Cohort '08

Dissertation: Contextual Effects and Child Health and Cognition.

Recent & Upcoming Events

Beach yoga for Mental Health Awareness Week

Students Take Time to Stop and Paint the Flowers

Pardee RAND's second annual Mental Health Awareness Week featured collaborative art therapy, puppy petting, tai chi, beach yoga, and much more. More »

Yong-Sup Han talks to students and RAND staff

Han Visits to Discuss N.Korea

At the invitation of the RAND Center for Asia-Pacific Policy, alum Yong-Sup Han (cohort '88) visited RAND in April to discuss "Challenges and Opportunities in Denuclearizing North Korea." More »

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