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Winter 2017


Message from the Dean

Susan Marquis

Last month at the Dean's Movie Night, we captured the attention of more than 80 students and researchers with a showing of Hidden Figures, the story of three wonderfully talented African-American women who, despite persistent racism and gender discrimination, helped the U.S. win the space race.

Those of us with a bit of time under our belts shared our own stories, or stories of those we know, about being the first, the only, the few — and of trail-blazing by being great at what you do. In the heat of battle, being "the only" starts to recede. The up-and-comer generation in the audience asked: "Why have we never heard of this story?" It's a good question and one that encourages us all to keep digging into our history to discover the hidden, to see the unseen. History, like many truths, is more nuanced and complex than we were taught in school. Exploring and uncovering is exciting indeed.

So, if you'd like to know a bit more about women at RAND, dive into this feature and check out this commentary. And, to learn more about what's going on with Pardee RAND students, faculty, and alumni head on into this latest issue of Findings.

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Remembering a Legend: Charles Wolf, Jr.

Pardee RAND staff and alumni at the Charles Wolf memorial service

With comments from Dean Susan Marquis, RAND president Michael Rich and former president Jim Thomson, and Pardee RAND alum Samantha Ravich (cohort '92) — among many others — RAND's memorial for Charles Wolf, Jr. was truly celebratory in nature. The speakers touched on Charles's constant questioning, unflappable dedication to his work, and ability to push others to the edge and beyond in their own research. More »

Martin Feldstein presents Wolf Memorial Lecture

Distinguished Visiting Professors Inspire Students

Distinguished visiting professors Paul Light and Martin Feldstein gave dynamic lectures—about government reform and swing voters, and measuring real income growth and distribution—to Pardee RAND this winter. More »

Students in the design studio

Introducing Tech Lab and Design Studio

As Pardee RAND continues to expand and reimagine the curriculum, two new exciting initiatives are currently underway. The winter session saw the pilot of our first design studio course, and the spring will see the launch of a Tech Lab to serve as a hub of innovation and experimentation for both students and faculty. More »

Students perform at RAND's Got Talent

CoCom Hosts Second Annual RAND's Got Talent

Pardee RAND students and staff made RAND's Got Talent quite the spectacle, with musical acts, comedy sketches, and a pitch-perfect La La Land parody. More »

Dean's Report

2016 Dean's Report Coming Soon

With features on Commencement, the Cazier Initiative, "Pardee RAND 2.0," and more, the 2016 Dean's Report has a lot of great news and information. A printed copy will be mailed to all alumni.

Student Publications

Aziza Arifkhanova Cohort '12, Andriy Bega Cohort '14, and Eugeniu Han Cohort '15: School Leadership Interventions Under the Every Student Succeeds Act: Evidence Review, a RAND research report

Jeremy Boback Cohort '13: Improving Implementation of the Department of Defense Leahy Law, a RAND research report

Erin Duffy Cohort '15: "Can a Continuous Coverage Requirement Produce a Healthy Insurance Market?" in The Hill

Kathleen Loa Cohort '12: "Investing in Infrastructure? Don't Forget the Electric Grid," in Inside Sources

Sara Turner Cohort '15: "Don't Miss an Opportunity Because of Uncertainty and Complexity: Biomass Can Help on the Path to Deep Decarbonization," in the PEC Blog

Cameron Wright Cohort '12: "Kid's Menu Portion Sizes: How Much Should Children Be Served?" in Nutrition Today

Explore all student publications and blog posts.

Alumni News

Rick Fallon at his retirement party

RAND Celebrates Alum Rick Fallon's Career

Pardee RAND alum Rick Fallon (cohort '75) retired from RAND in January 2017 after two decades of service. As CFO and VP of Finance & Administration, Fallon worked on critical business decisions, performance measures, and initiatives that have increased the agility of RAND's operations. More »

Liu talks with students

Four Alumni Visit to Discuss Careers

Thanks to the efforts of the Career Services Advisory Committee, four alumni — Loren Yager (Cohort '87), Ying Liu ('04), Eric Jesse ('08), and Jon Wong ('12) — visited Pardee RAND this quarter to discuss their varied careers. More »

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on your new position

Meg Blume-Kohout

Meg Blume-Kohout
Cohort '04

Meg is now visiting assistant professor of economics at Colgate University.

Richard Bowman

Richard Bowman
Cohort '06

Richard is now chief of staff of Albuquerque Public Schools.

Kimberly Hale

Kimberly Hale
Cohort '09

Kim is now a chief analyst for the U.S. Air Force at the 59th Test & Evaluation Squadron, Air Combat Command.

Angela Hawken

Angela Hawken
Cohort '98

Angela is now professor of public policy at the NYU Marron Institute of Urban Management and director of the Litmus program.

Scott Hiromoto

Scott Hiromoto
Cohort '02

Scott is now a senior analyst at the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Christina Huang

Christina Huang
Cohort '10

Christina is now a People Research Scientist with Facebook Human Resources.

Steve Isley

Steve Isley
Cohort '10

Steve is now a behavioral scientist at Amazon.

Sergej Mahnovski

Sergej Mahnovski
Cohort '98

Sergej is now director of strategic planning for Edison International.

Shannon Maloney

Shannon Maloney
Cohort '08

Shannon is now an assistant professor at University of Nebraska Medical Center in the Department of Health Promotion, Social, and Behavioral Health, as well as director of evaluation and innovation at Building Healthy Futures.

Chris McLaren

Chris McLaren
Cohort '05

Chris is now a senior research associate at the National Academy of Social Insurance.

McKay McLaren

McKay McLaren
Cohort '11

McKay is now flying as an F-16 wingman for the U.S. Air Force in Misawa, Japan.

Michael Shires

Michael Shires
Cohort '90

Michael is now associate dean for strategy and special projects at Pepperdine University's School of Public Policy.


Ruopeng An Cohort '08 and Yuyan Shi Cohort '05: "Consumption of coffee and tea with add-ins in relation to daily energy, sugar, and fat intake in US adults, 2001–2012," in Public Health

Janice Blanchard Cohort '98 and Jennifer Walters Cohort '11: Preventing, Identifying, and Treating Prescription Drug Misuse Among Active-Duty Service Members, a RAND research report

Diana Epstein Cohort '05: "On the 'When' of Social Experiments: The Tension Between Program Refinement and Abandonment," (coauthored with former Pardee RAND professor Jacob Alex Klerman) in New Directions for Evaluation

Jon Wong Cohort '12 presented perspectives from his dissertation, "Balancing Immediate and Long-Term Defense Investments," at Defense Entrepreneurs Forum Silicon Valley


Gordon Bitko Cohort '02: "FBI CIO wants to bring 'shadow IT' innovations into the light," on Federal News Radio

Arthur Brooks Cohort '96: "How Bach Figures into Free Enterprise," in the Washington Post. Also "What it means to close the 'dignity gap' on Marketplace and by the president of the Humane Society of the United States.

Samantha Ravich Cohort '92: "Saudi Vision 2030 Can Be a Light Unto Iran," in Majalla. (Her research paper Framework and Terminology for Understanding Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare was also picked up by Politico


Bruce Bennett Cohort '75: "Trump Should Confront Kim Over ICBM Tests," in USA Today

Lindsay Daugherty Cohort '05: "Community Colleges Can Be 'First Responders' in Retraining Displaced Workers," in The Hill

John Peabody Cohort '91: "Healthcare Re-Reform: Value-Based Care Remains a Constant Theme," in the American Journal of Managed Care

Jack Riley Cohort '88: "What Should Trump Do About Gitmo?" in Newsweek

Bradley Stein Cohort '97: "Toward a Learning Behavioral Health Care System," in Inside Sources. (Brad's research on opioids and buprenorphine also led RAND to take first place in Prospect Magazine's Think Tank Awards 2016, in the U.S. social policy category.)

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Newest Alumni

Tobi Oluwatola

Tobi Oluwatola
Cohort '11

Dissertation: Let There Be Light: Green Industrial Policy and Energy Access in India. Tobi is now a manager at Castalia Strategic Advisors, a Washington, D.C.-based economic consulting firm.

Abdul Tariq

Abdul Tariq
Cohort '10

Dissertation: Three Essays on Growth Econometrics.

Mikhail Zaydman

Mikhail Zaydman
Cohort '12

Dissertation: Tweeting About Mental Health: Big Data Text Analysis of Twitter for Public Policy.

Tyler Lippert Cohort '11

Dissertation: NATO, Climate Change, and International Security: A Risk Governance Approach.

Congratulations and welcome to the Pardee RAND Alumni Association!

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The annual holiday party

Pardee RAND Celebrates Holidays with Festive Event

Students, faculty, staff and alumni gathered for a fun and musical evening in December to celebrate the holidays (and end of exams). More »

Some of the students who will present at the APPAM conference

APPAM Conference in April to Feature a Record 18 Students

At APPAM's 2017 California Regional Student Conference, eighteen Pardee RAND students will present their research in panel discussions focusing on a wide variety of policy areas. More »

Pardee RAND Events

Tuesday, March 28 is the next RAND Alumni Association/Pardee RAND talk, featuring professor Robert Lempert on the topic "Dealing with Uncertainty and Navigating the Future." Email for more information.

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