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Commencement 2018


Message from the Dean

Susan Marquis

It was terrific to see many of you at Commencement earlier this month. If I may repeat myself, as I told our graduates:

Your work is to question — but also to do. It is in the doing that you are able to build up rather than tear down and leverage the rich resources of technology and of communities to find new solutions, strengthening and creating institutions that are the foundation for building our families and society, whether in our neighborhoods or across the globe.

By calling on your new skills and your long-held talents, through word and action, and with love and patience, you will surely help build a better world.

Now go out there and be the answer!

Susan Marquis

Commencement & Alumni Weekend 2018!

Graduates at Commencement Weekend

Pardee RAND awarded 31 doctoral degrees in policy analysis and 32 master's degrees during its 2018 Commencement ceremony. More than 230 people attended. A total of 44 alumni participated in the weekend's events. We loved seeing the Pardee RAND community join in honoring our most recent graduates!
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Keynote speaker John Seely Brown

Keynote Speaker: The World Needs Pardee RAND

Innovator and scientist John Seely Brown told the new grads, "Said most simply, the world needs the skills you have honed here, now, more than ever." More »

Huddleson Teaching Award recipients and presenters

Students Honor Excellent Teachers

Professors Molly Selvin and Troy Smith received the Huddleson Teaching Award two years in a row, in 2017 and 2018. Professor Phil Armour was also honored for 2017. More »

Tim Smith gives the graduate address

Five Grads Receive Special Honors at Commencement

His fellow grads selected Timothy Smith Cohort '13 to give the Student Address at Commencement, and faculty selected four additional graduates to receive dissertation honors. More »

Panel discusses changes

Event Highlights Changes Underway at Pardee RAND

A "Policy Dialogue and Demonstrations" event the afternoon before Commencement highlighted the recent and upcoming changes to Pardee RAND as a result of the redesign effort. More »

Student Publications

Gabriela Armenta Cohort '15 and Mahlet A. Woldetsadik Cohort '13: "Europe's Great Challenge: Integrating Syrian Refugees" in Georgetown Journal of International Affairs

Diana Gehlhaus Carew Cohort '15: "Bridging the Growing College Divide Among Young Americans" in The Hill

J. Luke Irwin Cohort '16: "Additive Manufacturing in 2040: Powerful Enabler, Disruptive Threat," a RAND Perspective

PhuongGiang Nguyen and Xiaoyu Nie, both Cohort '14, and alum Jodi Liu Cohort '12: Practice Expense Methodology and Data Collection Research and Analysis, a RAND Report

Asya Jewel Spears Cohort '15: "Evaluating Community Partnerships Addressing Community Resilience in Los Angeles, California," in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Explore all student publications and blog posts.

Alumni News

Sharon Arnold receives Alumni Leadership Award

Sharon Arnold Receives Alumni Leadership Award

In receiving the Alumni Leadership Award, Sharon Arnold Cohort '85 reminded the audience, "The kinds of research questions researchers ask are really only the start of the numerous questions that policymakers need addressed." More »

Alumni donors Ted Harshberger and Jeffrey Wasserman

Giving Spotlight: Harshberger & Wasserman

Jeffrey Wasserman Cohort '85 says his "involvement with the school has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my RAND career." Fellow alum Ted Harshberger Cohort '86 is "proud to remain a part of such a dynamic force for progress." More »

on your new job or career milestone

Eric Apaydin

Eric Apaydin
Cohort '11

Eric is now a methodologist at Doctor Evidence, LLC, a systematic review consulting firm/software company in Santa Monica.

Olena Bogdan

Olena Bogdan
Cohort '12

Olena is now working in the World Bank's Young Professonals Program.

Susan Burkhauser

Susan Burkhauser
Cohort '09

Susan is now associate director of institutional research at Loyola Marymount University.

Lopa Das

Lopamudra Das
Cohort '08

Lopa is now a senior staff scientist in the Health Outcomes and Reimbursement group at Beckman Coulter.

John Fei

John Fei
Cohort '04

John is now a program officer at the International Republican Institute (IRI).

Beth Katz

Beth Katz
Cohort '10

Beth is now director of evaluation and museum impact at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

Gustav Lindstrom

Gustav Lindstrom
Cohort '97

Gustav is now director of the EU Institute for Strategic Studies.

Jordan Ostwald

Sai Ma
Cohort '02

Sai is now director of the Division of Special Populations Research, Innovation Center at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Todi Mengistu

Todi Mengistu
Cohort '07

Todi is now a senior program officer position with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

Jordan Ostwald

Jordan Ostwald
Cohort '08

Jordan is now a senior implementation coach with McKinsey & Company and was recently promoted to the rank of Major in the U.S. Air Force Reserves.

Kristi Raube

Kristi Raube
Cohort '87

Kristi is now the Peace Corps country director in Liberia. The Haas School's International Business Development Program honored Kristi for her 19 years at UC Berkeley.

Research & Commentary

Yong-Sup Han Cohort '88: "Concrete steps toward North Korean nuclear dismantlement," in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Fernando Hoces de la Guardia Cohort '13: "Why We Need Open Policy Analysis," a BITSS paper coauthored with Prof. Sean Grant

David Maxwell-Jolly Cohort '77: "How Many Incarcerated Individuals Received Psychotropic Medication in California Jails: 2012-2017," a CHPS Policy Brief (PDF); his findings have been featured on KQED and in the Washington Post and U.S. News & World Report

David Robalino Cohort '95: "How to create jobs fast: From public works and wage subsidies to social services and capital subsidies," in the World Bank Jobs and Development Blog

Bonnie Triezenberg Cohort '14: Understanding Government Telework: An Examination of Research Literature and Practices from Government Agencies, a RAND research report

Katia Vlachos Cohort '98: A Great Move: Surving and Thriving in your Expat Assignment, a new book featured as a Financial Times top business book for June.

Helen Wu Cohort '07: Examining Consumer Responses to Calorie Information on Restaurant Menus in a Discrete Choice Experiment, a RAND research report coauthored with Prof. Roland Sturm and students Crystal Huang Cohort '13 and Cameron Wright Cohort '12

Read more Alumni news, research, and commentary online!

Newest Alumni

Daniel Basco

Daniel Basco
Cohort '14

Dissertation: Strengthening Federal Capacity to Conduct Evaluations to Inform Future R&D Program Planning. Daniel has started his own consulting firm, Vertex Evaluation and Research LLC, in Austin, Texas.

Melody Harvey

Melody Harvey
Cohort '12

Dissertation: Financial Education among Financially Vulnerable Populations in the United States. Harvey is a postdoctoral fellow with the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Institute for Research on Poverty, working in Washington, D.C.

Lauren Kendrick

Lauren Kendrick
Cohort '12

Dissertation: Ammonia Emissions from Industrial Hog Farming: Efficacy of Voluntary Reduction Strategies as an Alternative to Regulation.

Cameron Wright

Cameron Wright
Cohort '12

Dissertation: Choose Wisely: A Study of College Major Choice and Major Switching Behavior. Cameron joined Northrop Grumman as a cost estimating analyst.

Congratulations and welcome to the Pardee RAND Alumni Association!

Recent & Upcoming Events

Students rock out during Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

Students rocked out — and also made mini terrariums, practiced tai chi, and relaxed with therapy dogs — as part of Pardee RAND's third annual Mental Health Awareness Week last month. More »

Alumni and Grads at Mixer

Alumni Weekend Mixer

More than two dozen alumni and soon-to-be grads kicked off Commencement Weekend at Mariasol on the Santa Monica Pier on Thursday, June 14 with a networking happy hour. View the Facebook album »

Pardee RAND Events

Self-described "Impactpreneur" Daryn Dodson will present the keynote speech, "Investing in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion," at the sixth annual Faculty Leaders Program on July 18.

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