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Winter 2018


Message from the Dean

Susan Marquis

...Hmmmm...what? Oh, are you talking to me? My apologies! I was lost in thought, reading the terrific interview in this issue of Findings. Our own Mark Schuster is founding dean of the new Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine. Like Mark, we're fascinated by the parallels between what is possible with this new type of medical school that is part of a major research organization, and the Pardee RAND Graduate School. Reinventing public policy graduate education. Reinventing medical school education. Be the Answer, indeed!

Keeping our focus on the future — we're almost there. Yes, Commencement Weekend 2018 is just around the corner. We are pleased to announce that John Seely Brown will join us as commencement speaker and we'll be recognizing RAND's very own Natalie Crawford with an honorary degree. Commencement Weekend is, of course, also Alumni Weekend at Pardee RAND. You don't want to miss this — celebrate with our new graduates; reconnect with your fellow alumni; and get a look at the first fruits the future of Pardee RAND.

See you there!

Q&A with Mark Schuster, Founding Dean of Kaiser Med School

Mark Schuster

In a Q&A, alum Mark Schuster (cohort '91) said he sees many similarities between the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine, where he is the founding dean, and Pardee RAND: "The school is innovating and reinventing public policy graduate education much like we are reinventing medical education." He also shared how Pardee RAND has influenced his career. More »

John Seely Brown, photo by Joi Ito

Commencement Honorees

Innovator John Seely Brown will be our 2018 Commencement Speaker and receive an honorary degree at the 2018 Commencement Ceremony on June 16. Our other Honorary Degree Recipients are Health Economist Anne Case, Air and Space Policy Expert Natalie Crawford, and Designer and Storyteller Alex McDowell. More »

Panel discussion of The Post

Dean's Movie Night Features The Post

Pardee RAND held a special screening of the recent movie about the Pentagon Papers. Professor Molly Selvin moderated a post-screening panel that featured RAND president Michael Rich and media rights attorney and former LA Times First Amendment counsel Karlene Goller. They discussed the film, first amendment law, and how the Pentagon Papers impacted RAND. More »

Job Market Candidate page

Upcoming Grads on the Job Market

Students on the Career Services Advisory Committee worked with Pardee RAND's digital producer to increase their visibility and update the Ph.D Job Market Candidates pages to make them more useful for recruiters. The section features more than a dozen amazing students and recent grads. Are you — or do you know someone — looking for new talent? Check it out!

Dean's Report

2017 Dean's Report Highlights First Fruits of Redesign

Pardee RAND's redesign is intended to provide new capabilities and capacities for its students but, importantly, also to RAND. The 2017 Dean's Report showcases innovation and the impact of the redesign on students, including the new cohort's policy design studio on homelessness. More »

Student Publications

RAND Review article

Gulrez Shah Azhar Cohort '12 wrote an essay, "Moving Countries, Seeking Refuge from Climate Change," which was originally published in The Conversation in December and has been frequently shared on social media. It was recently reprinted in RAND Review.

Michele Abbott Cohort '14: "Examining the Food-Energy-Water and Conflict Nexus," in Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering

David Catt Cohort '16: "How Federal Policy Could Help Water and Wastewater Utilities," in Inside Sources

Lauren Davis Cohort '15 and Ifeanyi Edochie Cohort '15: Improving Child Welfare Outcomes: Balancing Investments in Prevention and Treatment, a RAND research report

Amanda Edelman Cohort '13 and Rachel Perera Cohort '16: Results from the Teach For America 2017 National Principal Survey: School Leader Perspectives on Induction, Support, and School Partnerships, a RAND research report

Melody Harvey Cohort '12: Evaluation of Housing for Health Permanent Supportive Housing Program, a RAND research report

Jesse Lastunen Cohort '15: Understanding the Economic Benefit Associated with Research and Services at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, a RAND research report

Explore all student publications and blog posts.

Alumni News

Alumni in Albuquerque

Alumni Meet Up in Albuquerque

Alumni Richard Bowman and Claudia Diaz, both Cohort '06 and Youngbok Ryu Cohort '11 met with current student PhuongGiang Nguyen Cohort '14 in Albuquerque earlier this winter to catch up and also provide career guidance. It's great to see the alumni community coming together. We look forward to more of this at Commencement in June!

Kristin and Josh Weed

Weeds Continue Family Tradition

For alum Josh Weed Cohort '01 and his wife Kristin, giving back to Pardee RAND is a family affair. They have a strong sense of giving back to the school, and are regular donors. They also attend commencement whenever possible, and Josh conducts alumni interviews with applicants to school. More »

Thank you, Alumni Ambassadors

Alumni Assist with Admissions

"Alumni Ambassadors" have interviewed more than 600 applicants to Pardee RAND since 2011. Alumni provide personal feedback on their discussions with applicants, and applicants experience unique conversations. As one 2018 applicant wrote, "It was amazing—I learned so much more." Thank you, alumni, for your ongoing commitment to the school!

Pardee RAND regalia

Regalia Available for Alumni to Purchase

Are you in academia and participating in your institution's Commencement? Don't miss your chance to represent Pardee RAND and look as great as Ted Harshberger Cohort '86 did at our last event! Alumni can purchase official Pardee RAND regalia through Oak Hall Cap & Gown.

Catch up with more Alumni News — visit us online!

on your new job or career milestone

Ricardo Basurto-Davila

Ricardo Basurto-Davila
Cohort '03

Ricardo is now a principal analyst with the Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office.

Abigail Haddad

Abigail Haddad
Cohort '09

Abigail is now a senior specialist at Deloitte.

John Hernandez

John Hernandez
Cohort '94

John is now a board member of USC's Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics. He remains head of Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Real-World Value and Market Access at Verily.

Florencia Jaureguiberry

Florencia Jaureguiberry
Cohort '02

Flo is now a professor of statistics at Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro in Argentina, as well as a consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank.

Maren Leed

Maren Leed
Cohort '95

Maren is now a defense analyst (senior professional staff) at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Mark Perry

Mark Perry
Cohort '92

Mark is now retired! He was previously a supervisory management analyst at U.S. Army Medical Command. Congrats on a terrific career!

Hilary Rhodes

Hilary Rhodes
Cohort '02

Hilary is now director of evaluation and learning at the William Penn Foundation.

Jon Wong

Jon Wong
Cohort '12

Jon is now an associate policy researcher at RAND, working with NSRD and the Arroyo Center. Welcome back!

Henu Zhao

Henu Zhao
Cohort '07

Henu is now a senior quantitative analyst at USC's Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics.

Research, Interviews & Commentary

YouTube video of Robert Dubois discussing how to address healthcare spending

Robert Dubois Cohort '85 recorded a video Q&A on healthcare spending for AJMCtv. Dubois is chief science officer and executive vice president of the National Pharmaceutical Council.

Brent Fulton Cohort '01: "Health Care Market Concentration Trends In The United States: Evidence And Policy Responses" in Health Affairs

John Haaga Cohort '78: "States and regions differ widely in longevity trends," in the Inside NIA blog

Scott Hiromoto Cohort '02: Housing Choice Voucher Program: Limited Indications of Potential Fraud against Participants Identified, a Government Accountability Office report

Matt Hoover Cohort '09: "The Co-evolution of Bullying Perpetration, Homophobic Teasing, and a School Friendship Network," in Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Alexis Huynh Cohort '06: "Enhancing Mental and Physical Health of Women through Engagement and Retention (EMPOWER): a protocol for a program of research," in Implementation Science

David R. Johnson Cohort '08: "Interplays of Sustainability, Resilience, Adaptation and Transformation," a chapter in the Handbook of Sustainability and Social Science Research

Eric Larson Cohort '89: Defense Planning in a Time of Conflict, a RAND research report

Arash Naeim Cohort '99: "Breast Cancer among Older Women: The Influence of Age and Cancer Stage on Survival," in Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics

Denise Quigley Cohort '91: "Patient Experience With Care and Its Association With Adherence to Hypertension Medications," in American Journal of Hypertension and Physician Reporting Requirements for Injured Workers in California: A Review of Reporting Processes and Payment Policies, a RAND research report

Dan Waxman Cohort '10: "Unrecognized Cardiovascular Emergencies Among Medicare Patients," in JAMA Internal Medicine; Dan was also featured in a Q&A, "Heart Attacks Rarely Misdiagnosed in Emergency Rooms," on

Read more Alumni news, research, and commentary online!

Recent & Upcoming Events

Dean Marquis with students at the annual holiday party, photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

Holiday Party Closes Out 2017

Students, faculty, staff and alumni gathered for a fun evening in December to celebrate the holidays (and end of exams). Photos »

Bruce Bennett talks

RAA Talks on North Korea, Brexit

Alum Bruce Bennett Cohort '75 will discuss North Korea and Professor Howard Shatz will discuss Brexit and in two RAA programs this month. More »

Students at the APPAM 2018 Student Conference

APPAM California Regional Student Conference

Pardee RAND students had a great showing at the APPAM regional conference March 9-10, and Sara Turner Cohort '15 won 2nd prize in the poster competition. More »

Ping pong tournament

Brown Faculty Chairs Host Inaugural Ping Pong Tournament

Profs. Sebastian Linnemayr & Andy Parker sponsored Pardee RAND's Inaugural Student Doubles Ping Pong Tournament. View Facebook album »

Pardee RAND Events

Commencement Weekend is June 14–16, with many celebratory events honoring our M.Phil. and Ph.D. graduates as well as the 4th Alumni Leadership Award recipient. Check your mailbox or inbox for details!

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