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Winter 2019


Message from the Dean

Susan Marquis


When considering Ph.D. programs, leadership is not often the first characteristic that comes to mind. Reading this issue of Findings may result in changed expectations about what a Ph.D. program could and should be.

Pardee RAND alumni are building new medical schools. Making policy in the U.S. Army, Department of Energy, and on Hawaii's public utilities. Changing ideas about foreign policy. And getting people to think hard on issues ranging from love to the future of U.S. global leadership.

And our students, alumni, faculty, and staff are leading at a national level at APPAM (the Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management), while Pardee RAND is showing the way with a whole new model for public policy graduate education.

Read on and see if you agree that this Ph.D. program has leadership in its DNA.

Lead on!

Pardee RANDites Take the Lead in APPAM

Rachel Perera, Rachel Swanger, and Lauren Davis; photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

When it comes to APPAM, the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, Pardee RAND punches far above its weight. Four members of the Pardee RAND community — students Lauren Davis Cohort '15 and Rachel Perera '16 (pictured, with Associate Dean Rachel Swanger), and alumni Alison Jacknowitz '99 and Michael Shires '90 — now hold leadership roles in the organization. More »

Ann Pendleton-Jullian leads students in a policy design class; photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

Reimagining the Future of Public Policy Problem Solving

"As a catch-all term," Dean Susan Marquis wrote in the January 2019 issue of RAND Review, "‘public policy’ stands for every major issue facing the nation and the world, from international terrorism to income inequality to underperforming schools. How we train the next generation of policy experts will help determine how effective we are in addressing those issues." More »

Kathryn Derose leads class in discussion of community engagement, photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

Course Examines How to Engage Communities in Research

Professors Laura Bogart and Kathryn Pitkin Derose offered a new course this quarter in preparation for the "Policy in Action" stream of the school's redesign. Students held in-depth discussions with guest lecturers about the issues and methods involved in conducting community-based, participatory, and community-engaged research across different disciplines and fields. More »

Christine Chen and Jalal Awan review air quality data; photo by Todd Richmond/Pardee RAND

Can Hyperlocal Air Quality Data Improve Policy?

Does having access to easily intelligible localized air quality data afford better policy and personal decisions? A Tech and Narrative Lab project funded by the Cazier Initiative has brought together a team of Pardee RAND students, faculty, and RAND staff to try to answer that question. More »

Pardee RAND's development team, Cece Forrester, Reuben Ayala, Sylvia Dsouza, and Breanne Williamson

Developments in Development

In anticipation of Pardee RAND's 50th anniversary in 2020, a major fundraising campaign, and the official launch of the school's redesigned curriculum, Pardee RAND has an exciting — and excited — new team in the Development Office: Sylvia Dsouza, Reuben Ayala, Breanne Williamson, and Cece Forrester. More »

Student Publications

Gabriela Armenta Cohort '15, with alum Mahal Woldetsadik Cohort '13: "Challenges to the Integration of Syrian Refugees," in the International Journal of Population Studies

Ellie Bartels Cohort '15: Conceptual Design for a Multiplayer Security Force Assistance Strategy Game, a RAND research report

Erin Duffy Cohort '15: "Association Between Type of Health Insurance and Children's Oral Health," in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry

Dung Huynh Cohort '16: "Vietnam's Defense Policy of 'No' Quietly Saves Room for 'Yes'," in The Diplomat

Lisa Jonsson Cohort '14, with Prof. Aimee Curtright: Energy Efficiency as a Tool for Preservation of Affordable Rental Housing, a RAND research report, and also a related commentary in The Energy Collective, both with support from the Cazier Initiative

Heejin Kim Cohort '18, with Prof. Rafiq Dossani: Engagement with North Korea: Small Steps May Matter More Than Big Ones, in RealClearWorld

Explore all student publications and blog posts.

In Remembrance

Alum Grace Carter Cohort '70 — one of our first graduates, and a mentor of many later students — passed away last fall. More »

Two other members of the Pardee RAND family — professor Melinda Moore and long-time supporter Harold Brown — passed away in January. (RAA login required.)

Alumni News

Christopher Lau, Evan Bloom, Dean Marquis, Helen Wu, Eileen Hlavka, Sylvia Dsouza, and Brent Fulton in Berkeley in January

Coast to Coast, Alumni Dine with the Dean

Our "Foodie in Chief" Dean Marquis loves grabbing a meal with alumni (and off-site students) when she travels. In this quarter alone, she's hosted events in Palo Alto and Berkeley, CA, and in Washington, D.C. More »

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on your new job or career milestone

David Apgar

David Apgar
Cohort '80

David is founder of the Shareholder Democracy Network.

Jay Griffin

Jay Griffin
Cohort '04

Jay is now chair of the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission.

Samantha Ravich

Samantha Ravich
Cohort '92

Samantha is now a member of the Department of Energy's Secretary of Energy Advisory Board.

Anna-Marie Vilamovska

Anna-Marie Vilamovska
Cohort '05

Anna-Marie is now executive director of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association.

Casey Wardynski

Casey Wardynski
Cohort '97

Casey is now assistant secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs.

Mikhail Zaydman

Mikhail Zaydman
Cohort '12

Mikhail is now a senior data scientist at Microsoft.

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Research & Publications

Katya Fonkych Cohort '00 and Jack Zwanziger Cohort '83: "The California Competitive Model: How Has It Fared, And What's Next?" in Health Affairs

Phoenix Do Cohort '00: "Triple jeopardy: the joint impact of racial segregation and neighborhood poverty on the mental health of black Americans," in the journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology

Jeremy Ghez Cohort '06: Etats-Unis: D├ęclin improbable, rebond impossible, a new book published by VA Media Group

Interviews & Podcasts

Frederick Beddingfield Cohort '96 discussed "Innovation in Medical Dermatology and Aesthetics" with Australia's Health Professional Radio podcast.

Arthur Brooks Cohort '96 is back with season two of his podcast, The Arthur Brooks Show, with a focus on love. He also discussed "Why Character Determines Success" as part of the Legatum Institute's "Road to Character" lecture series. (His new book, Love Your Enemies, will be released March 12.)

Maya Buenaventura Cohort '14 was interviewed on Harvard's Voir Dire podcast about her paper with Prof. James Anderson, "The Effects of Holistic Defense on Criminal Justice Outcomes," in Harvard Law Review.

Clay Chun Cohort '89 discussed "John Boyd and the 'OODA' Loop" for the U.S. Army War College's "War Room" podcast.

Mark Schuster Cohort '91 discussed Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine's decision to provide free tuition for its first five cohorts of students, in the New York Times.

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Newest Alumni

Dan Han

Dan Han
Cohort '13

Dissertation: The Impact of the 340B Drug Pricing Program on Critical Access Hospitals. She is a visiting graduate student/post-doctoral fellow at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.

Christina Steiner

Christina Steiner
Cohort '09

Dissertation: Promotion, Turnover, and Satisfaction in the Army Civilian Workforce: An Analysis of Features of Occupation Ladders and Employee Perspectives of the Work Environment.

Gabriel Weinberger

Gabriel Weinberger
Cohort '13

Dissertation: Criminal Justice System and More Lenient Drug Policy: Three Case Studies on California's Changes to How Its Criminal Justice System Addresses Drug Use. He is a senior research associate with The Bail Project and an adjunct researcher at RAND.

Recent & Upcoming Events

Students and staff at the annual holiday party, photo by Maria Martin/RAND Corporation

Annual Holiday Party Closes Out 2018

Students, faculty, staff and alumni gathered for a fun evening in December to celebrate the holidays (and end of exams). Photos »

WSJ reporter Michael Phillips spoke with Media Relations director Jeff Hiday, photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

WSJ Reporter Visits School

Pardee RAND welcomed the Wall Street Journal's Michael Phillips as a distinguished visitor this quarter. Students, faculty, and RAND staff had ample opportunities to interact with and learn from him. More »

Pardee RAND Events

Career Services is organizing a panel discussion on Blockchain: The Second Decade, followed by a networking reception, on April 9. RSVP by March 29.

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