Career Development

Students share a business card with a visitor, photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

Photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND

From the day they arrive at Pardee RAND, our students are preparing for their future careers. Career development is an integral part of the student experience.

Our Mission: Help Our Students (and Alumni) Succeed

Career Services aims to raise early awareness of the many career paths open to students. We provide guidance, support, and assistance to students in both focusing their career planning and in obtaining jobs upon graduation.

Quite simply, our mission is to help you find a great job as you complete your tenure at Pardee RAND.

How We Help

Arthur Brooks speaks with students at Career Services event

Alum Arthur Brooks (cohort '96) speaks with students at a Career Services event

Photo by Monica Hertzman/RAND

We support and organize a wide range of activities:

  • Allocate funding for academic conference attendance and presentations
  • Organize an annual student research showcase
  • Schedule alumni and career talks throughout the year
  • Establish mentoring connections through the Pardee RAND Alumni Mentoring Program
  • Fund participation in summer internships and related programs
  • Encourage networking with RAND staff and Pardee RAND alumni through a range of events

As students near graduation and prepare for the job market, we also offer

  • Interview coaching
  • Job talk preparation
  • Referrals and recommendations
  • Help evaluating job offers


We offer numerous resources to our students and alumni, including:

  • A Job Board listing targered opportunities, updated weekly
  • A monthly newsletter featuring career news and information
  • Access to GoinGlobal, a career and employment portal for more than 120 worldwide locations, featuring international jobs, internships, and advice
  • A Job Market Candidates page that we share with numerous recruiters and websites
  • A private LinkedIn network for students, alumni, and faculty

If you are a current student or alum, contact us for access to these resources, to suggest a job for the Job Board, or to be added to the Job Market Candidates page.