APPAM Conferences Feature Students, Alumni

Alum Bill Gelfeld and students Juliana Chen, Sujeong Park, Christine Chen, PhuongGiang Nguyen, and Etienne Rosas at the APPAM International Conference in Barcelona

Photo courtesy PhuongGiang Nguyen

August 29, 2019

Six students and alumni attended the 2019 APPAM International Conference in Barcelona this July. And in November, dozens of students, alumni, faculty, and RAND colleagues will participate in the 2019 APPAM Fall Conference in Denver.

Barcelona, July 29-30

Public Policy in an Era of Rapid Change

Four students and one alum presented their research in Barcelona at the end of July. Student PhuongGiang Nguyen (Cohort '14) also attended the conference.

APPAM Barcelona gave Gelfeld a chance to hang out with his old classmates, Etienne Rosas and PhuongGiang Nguyen. (We won't speculate on who's the black sheep)

Photo courtesy Bill Gelfeld

Denver, November 7-9

Rising to the Challenge: Engaging Diverse Perspectives on Issues and Evidence

If you want to meet with Pardee RAND students, alumni, and faculty, Denver will be the place to be in early November. Of course, many of them will be busy, so it might help to attend their panel presentations and events. (Or join Pardee RAND at its annual reception — details are forthcoming.)

In terms of overall Pardee RAND participation, the panel Substance Abuse and Crime is clearly the winner. Alum Anne Boustead ('11) will present her paper, "The Impact of Marijuana Outlet Density on DUI Arrests and Substance-Related Fatal Accidents." Student Sujeong Park ('15) will present a paper she wrote with Prof. David Powell, "Growth of Illicit Drug Markets and Its Effects on Crime Rates." And alum Gabriel Weinberger ('13) will present his paper, "Does Community Supervision Lead to More Substance Use Treatment Engagement? a Case Study from Los Angeles."

In another Pardee RAND-filled event, a Super Session called Cannabis Policy: The Plot Thickens, alum Greg Midgette ('09) will present his research, "Local Policy Influence on Recreational Cannabis Market Activity: Evidence from Oregon and Washington." Prof. Beau Kilmer will serve as one of the session's moderators, and Prof. Rosalie Pacula will also present a paper, "The Development of New Measures of Cannabis Market Exposure: A Case Study in Colorado."

And if you work in the western half of the U.S., consider joining Pardee RAND associate dean Rachel Swanger and alum Michael Shires ('90) at the inaugural meeting of Policy Analysts of the Coastal and Inter-Mountain West.

In additional to these terrific events, several alumni, students, and faculty are doing double and even triple duty, participating in multiple panels.

Many other Pardee RANDites will also be participating in the conference.

Several RAND staff will also be in Denver, presenting their research or acting as panel discussants.

Finally, in the "possibly absent but still represented" category: