Raube Enlightens PRGS Students at Career Breakfast

Kristi Raube and current PRGS students

Kristi Raube and current students after the breakfast

March 2012

Kristi Raube (cohort '87) visited Pardee RAND on March 1, 2012, to have breakfast with several students and talk about her career path as a self-described "reluctant academic." The Office of Career Services encourages alumni to come back and share insights into their experiences since graduating from PRGS.

Raube, an adjunct professor at the Haas School of Business and the Executive Director of the Graduate Program in Health Management at the University of California Berkeley, received her doctorate in policy analysis from Pardee RAND in 1991, her master’s degree in public health from UCLA, and her bachelor of arts degree in biology from the University of Colorado. She has worked to increase health management capacity through executive education and program development in the US and around the world, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, and her research has focused on the delivery and financing of health services.

John Caloyeras (cohort '09) was one of the students who attended Raube's talk. "I really appreciated the time and effort Kristi took to lay out how we should begin thinking about careers post Pardee RAND," he said afterward. "Hearing it from someone that went through the Pardee RAND program and had to face many of the decisions approaching us as fellows was really valuable."

Caloyeras added, "Hearing Kristi talk about how she has branched into multiple areas in an academic setting was really helpful because it showed me the variety of work someone can do simultaneously."