Regalia Available for Alumni to Purchase

Alum Ted Harshberger wore his Pardee RAND regalia with pride at Commencement 2018

Photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

February 16, 2022

Alumni who work in academia and walk in their universities' commencement ceremonies may be interested in purchasing a cap and gown for this or future years.

Pardee RAND works exclusively with Oak Hall Cap & Gown and all orders must be placed directly with them. Please use the details listed below to complete the Oak Hall order form. Submit completed forms by fax or email directly to Oak Hall.

Order form: Download the PDF
Fax: (540) 387-4385

Note: If you are purchasing regalia and are planning to participate in Pardee RAND's 2022 Commencement exercises, we strongly recommend you place your order no later than April 8, 2022.


(Oak Hall has provided this information. Please list the details exactly as indicated below to ensure accuracy.)


Type: Doctoral - Jefferson
Fabric: Peachskin
Color: Black w/purple velvet panels & bars
Cording: Gold cording on panels & bars, w/Gold PRGS (RAND) emblem on panels


Type: Doctoral
Fabric: Peachskin
Color: Black w/Washington purple satin lining, w/gold chain, w/degree color velvet

Cap (Doctoral Tam)

Type: 6 corner
Color: Black velvet tam
Tassel: Two-button, Gold Silky (2BGST)


Gown: $829.00
Hood: $204.00
Tam with tassel: $127.00

Total: $1160.00