Advanced Econometrics III: Introduction to Multi-Level (Hierarchical, Mixed-Level) Modeling and Panel Data

Professor: Sturm
Units: 0.5
Elective Course
Concentrations: Economic Analysis and Quantitative Methods

In both Advanced Econometrics I and II, we treat observations as independent. Advanced Econometrics III adds the additional complexity that observations are often not independent. There are numerous causes for the violation of independence and solutions have given rise to slightly different approaches across research fields.

Despite very different terminology, the underlying mathematical ideas are identical, whether they derive from economics (panel data), psychology (repeated measurements), education (hierarchical/nested data), or epidemiology or geography (spatial models). What differs is the motivation for the approach, maintained assumptions, jargon, and the question these models try to answer.

Advanced Econometrics III introduces you to the tools as they were developed in different disciplines (we mainly look at economics, sociology, education, and public health) to enable you to use them in interdisciplinary research projects.