Health Economics

Professors: Whaley and Wagner
Units: 1.0
Elective Course
Concentrations: Economic Analysis and Quantitative Methods
Prerequisite: Empirical Analysis III

This course emphasizes the application of economic theory and econometric analysis to important health policy questions. Students apply standard models from the core curriculum, and then consider how market failures change the expected outcomes. Topics include modeling the demand for health (and medical care) explicitly, the decision to buy insurance, selection bias in the context of health outcomes and health plan performance, and models of physician behavior. The class consists of a mixture of lectures and discussion of research papers in the field, with an emphasis on topical health policy questions. This course does not address issues of cost-effectiveness or cost-benefit analysis.

Economic Analysis and Quantitative Methods concentrations for cohort years prior to 2011. Economic Analysis concentration only for cohort years 2011 and beyond.