Regional Land Use and Urban Development

Professor: TBD
Units: 0.5
Elective Course (Fulfills a requirement in the Community-Partnered Policy and Action stream)
Concentration: Social and Behavioral Science

Land-use and zoning decisions drive so much of urban and regional policy. While state and local land-use experts are often siloed within a narrow technical domain, their decisions are critical to economic development and the ability of policymakers to reduce disparities.

This course allows students to take a deeper dive into zoning decisionmaking, mapping, and GIS. The instructor includes a core component that all students take. Students then apply that curriculum to a more intensive exploration of the community where they plan to embed. The course includes:

  • Overview of contemporary state/local/regional issues;
  • Structure of local government: elected, appointed, and managerial officials;
  • Understanding state and local budgeting;
  • Land use and zoning, mapping and GIS;
  • Role of media in public policy;
  • Role of lobbying; and
  • The role of NGOs.