Pardee RAND Events

  • Pardee RAND Admissions Webinar: OJT and Working at RAND

    Prof. Kerry Reynolds and five student OJT Brokers will share how On-the-Job Training enables students to develop expertise and a résumé conducting research, exploring technology, and working with communities—all while completing their degrees.

    Nov 30, 2023

  • Dozens to Attend APPAM Fall Research Conference in Atlanta

    At least 12 Pardee RAND students and alumni, as well as 11 faculty and RAND colleagues, will present their research (or have it presented) at the APPAM Fall Research Conference November 9-11 in Atlanta.

    Nov 9, 2023

  • Pardee RAND Admissions Webinar: M.Phil. Overview

    In this Admissions Webinar, Associate Deans Angel O'Mahony and Stefanie Howard, along with current M.Phil. student Jing Zhi Lim, provided an overview of the M.Phil. in Policy Analysis at Pardee RAND, the admissions process, and more. A recording is available.

    Oct 18, 2023

  • Networking Event Speaker Explores Benefits of Public Banking

    At a Pardee RAND networking event on October 11, 2023, “Public Banking: A Solution to All Our Problems (Okay, Lots of Them)," UCI Philosophy Department chair Aaron James will share his public banking philosophy and more.

    Oct 11, 2023

  • Third Annual Center for Causal Inference Symposium

    The third annual RAND Center for Causal Inference (CCI) Symposium, a free, virtual event, included three sessions, each featuring four speakers, and three breakout sessions.

    Aug 17, 2023

  • Pardee RAND Hosts 2023 Alumni Awards

    In recognition of all they do, Pardee RAND is excited to honor our 2023 Alumni Awardees: Evan Bloom, Richard Bowman, Beth McGlynn, Kay Sullivan, and Edmundo Molina-Pérez. These alumni have demonstrated leadership throughout their careers and have made important and innovative contributions in the fields of education, health care, military program evaluation, and data science.

    Jun 20, 2023

  • Comedy Communications Workshop Entertains, Educates

    More than 30 students, alumni, and faculty enjoyed an interactive comedy workshop organized by Career Services and Alumni Affairs. The event featured Nicole Blaine, owner and founder of The Crow, a comedy club and education center in Santa Monica, as well as two local TV writers.

    Apr 24, 2023

  • Event Celebrates Transformative Power of Scholarship Support

    At an event honoring the Pardee RAND supporters and scholars, Khrystyna Holynska (cohort '20) thanked the donors in attendance for their help making her dreams a reality. Learning about Pardee RAND was “love at first sight,” she said, and receiving the Jeremy Azrael Scholarship made her attendance possible.

    Feb 28, 2023

  • Fireside Chat Features RAND's New President

    Jason Matheny joined Dean Nancy Staudt to discuss his goals for RAND and how the graduate school is integral to RAND’s ongoing success.

    Oct 11, 2022

  • Center for Causal Inference Holds Second Annual Symposium

    The second annual RAND Center for Causal Inference (CCI) Symposium featured presentations by 16 researchers on cutting-edge causal inference research in statistics, econometrics, and other quantitative fields, including such topics as quasi-experimental methods, CI tools and applications, and balance and weighting .

    Aug 18, 2022

  • Pardee RAND Holds Record Commencement

    We were thrilled to honor a record number of graduates at Commencement Weekend on June 17–18, 2022—our first in four years. The weekend included a discussion of national security and disinformation, and a keynote address by groundbreaking leader and space scientist Wanda Austin.

    Jun 20, 2022

  • Student Leadership Council Hosts Spring Happy Hour

    Pardee RAND’s Student Leadership Council organized a celebratory happy hour for students, faculty, staff, and friends to welcome the community back to campus after Spring Break.

    Apr 7, 2022

  • Alumni Share Career Connections

    Ying Liu (cohort '04) and Feng Zeng ('98) shared experiences and insights from their work in the pharmaceutical industry at a Career Connections webinar on March 29. Liu is senior director of market access at Sanofi and Zeng is franchise lead for health outcomes research at Biogen.

    Mar 29, 2022

  • APPAM Conference Includes Many from Pardee RAND

    More than two dozen students, alumni, and faculty presented their research at APPAM's (delayed) Fall 2021 conference March 27-29 in Austin, Texas. The conference theme was "The Power of Inclusion: Incorporating Diverse Voices in Public Policy Analysis and Management."

    Mar 29, 2022

  • Update on Findings of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

    The RAND Climate Resilience Center hosted a webinar to discuss findings from the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group II. The report's authors assessed the latest science on the interdependence of climate, biodiversity, environment, and human societies.

    Mar 2, 2022

  • Exploring the Impact of Justice Breyer's Supreme Court Retirement

    Justice Stephen Breyer's decision to retire provides President Joe Biden the opportunity to name a new justice to the U.S. Supreme Court. Adam Liptak, the Supreme Court correspondent for The New York Times, and Lee Epstein, the Ethan A.H. Shepley Distinguished University Professor at Washington University in St. Louis, discussed prospects for this appointment. Vice President and Dean Nancy Staudt moderated the discussion.

    Feb 16, 2022

  • Community Response and Resilience to Disaster: Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis in Sitka, Alaska

    Drawing on the experiences of NGOs in Sitka that were instrumental in addressing emergent challenges in the local community as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this webinar examined how local, state, and federal governments can improve their collaboration with community-based organizations.

    Jul 28, 2021

  • Center for Causal Inference Inaugural Symposium

    The 2021 RAND Center for Causal Inference (CCI) Annual Symposium was a one-day interdisciplinary virtual symposium that offered researchers the opportunity to present and learn about cutting-edge causal inference research in statistics, econometrics, and other quantitative fields.

    Jun 24, 2021

  • Twelve Alumni Present Career Talks

    Alumni near and far shared their experiences with current students this spring through interactive Career Services webinars and discussions, taking advantage of one silver lining of our virtual world.

    Jun 14, 2021

  • Kantor Discusses U.S.-China Relationship

    Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative Michael "Mickey" Kantor, joined Assistant Dean Angel O'Mahony in a robust discussion of the West’s relationship with China, as part of the Pardee RAND Distinguished Speaker Roundtable.

    May 3, 2021

  • The Changing Narrative: Storytelling's Role in Policy and Social Change

    Storytelling and the ways we communicate inform some of the world’s greatest challenges. Our expert panel discussed the American narrative, conspiracy theories, misinformation, and what can be done to change the narrative.

    Apr 22, 2021

  • A Disarming Mission: A RAND Conversation with William Perry and Tom Collina

    In this RAND Remote conversation moderated by Dean Susan Marquis, former Secretary of Defense William Perry and Tom Collina, director of policy at Ploughshares Fund, will discuss nuclear executive authority and topics covered in their book, The Button: The New Nuclear Arms Race and Presidential Power from Truman to Trump.

    Mar 25, 2021

  • Reed, Hodgson Discuss Election Security for the Future

    Record high U.S. election turnout in November 2020 was matched with record low confidence in vote's accuracy. Harper Reed, a member of Pardee RAND’s Board of Governors, sat down (virtually) with Prof. Quentin Hodgson to discuss the election and how the United States can ensure cyber and physical security—and trust—in future elections.

    Mar 15, 2021

  • Beyond 2020: What Lies Ahead for the Biden-Harris Administration?

    Dean Susan Marquis, journalist Soledad O’Brien, and professors Debra Knopman and Howard Shatz discussed the changes we can expect from the incoming U.S. administration on issues from energy and climate change to economic policy and COVID-19 response and recovery efforts.

    Dec 10, 2020

  • APPAM Fall Conference Goes Online

    The 42nd annual fall APPAM Research Conference may have been virtual, but that didn't stop Pardee RAND students, alumni, and faculty (and RAND researchers) from having a real presence.

    Dec 1, 2020