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RAND International Development Speaker Series

The World Bank:
Research Agenda
and Recruitment Opportunities

Roberto Amorosino
Senior Recruitment Officer

January 22, 2014
12:00 - 1:00 p.m.


World Bank Headquarters, photo courtesy World Bank/Simone D. McCourte

RAND Corporation
1776 Main St. • Santa Monica, CA
Conference room 1226


Washington conference room 4132
Pittsburgh conference room 6206

Webmeeting address:
Call in number: 1-800-747-5150 (passcode: 3269008#)


About the Program

The International Development Speaker Series, in conjunction with the Pardee RAND Graduate School Career Services team, welcome Roberto Amorosino to RAND to discuss career opportunities at the Bank. Students are reminded that this event should be treated as a recruiting event; please come dressed appropriately and ready to ask questions. Lunch will be provided in Santa Monica; RSVP to

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If you would like your resume and cover letter passed to Roberto or would like to meet with him, please email your files to

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