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RAND International Development Speaker Series

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The RAND International Development Speaker Series
invites you to three upcoming events

May 13: Managing the Health Risks of Climate Change
presented by Kristie L. Ebi

May 16: Income Inequality, Mobility, and the Accumulation of Capital
presented by Stephen Turnovsky

May 27: Not Neutral: A New Model of Development and Aid that Takes a Side
presented by Jim Hake

Location details to come

Webmeeting address:
Call in number: 1-800-747-5150 (passcode: 3269008#)


About the Programs

Stanford University's Kristi Ebi will discuss how to manage the current and projected human health risks of climate change, which are not only diverse and wide-ranging but may potentially alter the burden of any health outcome sensitive to weather or climate. More »

University of Washington professor Stephen Turnovsky will discuss income inequality in developing countries and why it is important to develop economic models that incorporate both the possibility of earnings and the mobility of wealth. More »

Spirit of America founder Jim Hake will discuss how a new model of providing private development assistance in direct support of U.S. national security objectives differs from approaches based on “universal humanitarian principles” and will examine lessons from the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan and conflict prevention missions in Africa and South America. More »

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