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Summer Faculty Workshop in Policy Analysis

Dear Colleagues,

Building on the success of our inaugural program, I am very pleased to announce the Pardee RAND Graduate School's 2014 Summer Faculty Workshop in Policy Research and Analysis.

Knowing that all major policy issues cut across multiple interest groups; when major policy decisions are being made, it is essential that those who are most affected by those decisions take a leadership role in making them.

This workshop is intended to expose participating faculty to the basics of policy analysis so that they may apply these tools to their current research, and also to inspire them to encourage their students to consider careers in public policy.

Stipends to cover tuition, airfare, hotel and other travel expenses will be paid for up to 12 participants. The Workshop will be open to up to 15 faculty members.

I hope you will consider joining us this summer or will recommend this to a faculty member in your institution who could benefit from this experience.

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The deadline to apply is Monday, March 3rd, 2014.

Best regards,

Susan Marquis

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