Faculty Committee on Curriculum and Appointments

To aid in the selection of courses and faculty members, Pardee RAND established the Faculty Committee on Curriculum and Appointments (FCCA). This committee has a major influence on the curriculum policy of the School. Historically, the FCCA's primary responsibility has been to examine proposed new courses by scrutinizing the course objectives, the proposed syllabi, and the qualifications of proposed faculty. In addition, the FCCA is responsible for evaluating the quality of teaching in all Pardee RAND courses. In recent years, the Dean has called upon the FCCA to consider matters of strategy and management on which the Committee's counsel and assistance would be beneficial.


The FCCA consists of six individuals:

  • three members elected by the faculty for staggered terms of three years
  • one faculty member appointed by both the Dean and the President of RAND for a term of two years
  • one student who has passed the preliminary examinations and has been elected by fellow students at the beginning of the fall quarter for a term of one year
  • the Dean

FCCA members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.