Coast to Coast, Alumni Dine with Dean

March 5, 2019

Dean Susan Marquis loves meeting with alumni (and off-site students) when she travels. And we all know she's also our Foodie-in-Chief. So, she combines these two pastimes as much as possible: In this quarter alone, she's hosted "Dine with the Dean" events in Palo Alto and Berkeley, CA, and in Washington, D.C.

Twenty D.C.-area alumni, students, and faculty joined her and Pardee RAND's executive director of development, Sylvia Dsouza, for lunch in December, including Kamiljon Akramov, David An, Ellie Bartels, Gordon Bitko, Diana Gehlhaus Carew, Rick Fallon, John Fei, Jamie Gayton, Qian Gu, Andrew Hoehn, Matt Hoover, Therese Jones, Brian Maue, Chris McLaren, Alex Rohozynsky, Uzaib Saya, Kay Sullivan Faith, Lorne Teitelbaum, Katharine Web, and Liz Wilke.

She has more events coming up in D.C., Santa Monica, and the Bay Area. If you're in any of those areas, we hope you'll be able to join her! Contact our Development team at with any questions.

Dean Marquis dined with several alumni and students in D.C. on December 20, 2018

Bay Area Dinners

Christopher Lau, Evan Bloom, Dean Marquis, Helen Wu, Eileen Hlavka, Sylvia Dsouza, and Brent Fulton in Berkeley in January

Liz Brown, Dean Marquis, Sylvia Dsouza, David Apgar, and Sam Loeb in Palo Alto