Partnerships for Global Human Progress

Southeast Asian rural family

The Global Human Progress Initiative builds on the solid foundation of RAND's international development work in Africa and Asia.

The Initiative will create partnerships and links with outside experts, scholars, and practitioners who are working on the toughest issues that impede the growth and development of individuals and societies around the globe.

One of our first collaborations is with the World Bank on the pressing global problem of youth unemployment. We aim to make a difference by bringing together others who share our goals, putting a body of knowledge into practice on the ground, and using technology to share our results and build lasting links between policy researchers and practitioners throughout the world.

Another collaboration, with the African Centre for Economic Transformation, seeks to improve agricultural sustainability and food security in Africa through reintroduction of traditional foods (primarily grains) into African diets and agriculture.

A third collaboration, with the Eisenhower Fellowships Africa Program, provided three days of intensive skill-building, leadership training and transformative knowledge development to eight exceptional leaders from sub-Saharan Africa, representing a diverse mix of private, public and NGO sectors.