Pardee Initiative Partners with the African Centre for Economic Transformation

African rancher

The African Center for Economic Transformation is an economic policy institute supporting the long-term growth of sub-Saharan Africa (SFA).

As a "think-and-do tank," ACET applies knowledge by directly engaging citizens and decision makers. Bringing an authentic African perspective, ACET's core staff comprises 30 personnel from 8 African countries, based at their headquarters in Accra. Their staff includes Pardee RAND alum Julius Gatune as well as economists, researchers, policy analysts, management consultants, extractive industries experts, and administrative staff. They are supported by a global network of dozens of resource persons and renowned experts in African development, including a Nobel laureate in economics.

The Pardee Initiative is excited to partner with ACET on a new project to improve agricultural sustainability and food security in Africa through reintroduction of traditional foods (primarily grains) into African diets and agriculture. We are currently defining the specifics of this work.