International Research Efforts

Through the Pardee Initiative, students at Pardee RAND and researchers at RAND have worked on numerous international research efforts to improve the global human condition. Learn more about our projects by clicking on the descriptions below.

Current Projects

  • Pardee Initiative Contributes to S4YE, Solutions for Youth Employment

    Through the Pardee Initiative, students and faculty are working with alum David Robalino, director of the Labor Markets and Youth team with the Social Protection unit of the World Bank, on S4YE, a collaboration looking at issues of youth unemployment in developing nations and worldwide.

  • Advancing Global Citizenship

    In an era of increased anti-globalism, researchers examined the applicability of "global citizenship" by surveying the benefits and costs of globalization, tracing the evolution of American opinion, exploring the relationship between global and national citizenship, and offering ideas of how global citizenship can best be conceived and advanced in the American context.

  • Detection of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Counterfeit pharmaceuticals pose a considerable threat to human health and wellbeing worldwide. A Pardee RAND Initiative team will develop a complete prototype for a mobile phone application that places more power in the hands of the consumer.

  • Using Emerging Tech to Improve Food Security across South Asia

    A multidisciplinary team sought to disentangle various factors involved in the challenge of food insecurity across South Asia and gamify pathways towards implementation of cutting-edge technologies for potential solutions.

  • Narratives and Social Media in Conflict Situations

    Developing a collective narrative is important to sustaining a social movement. This project conducted two detailed quantitative case studies — the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong and the 2019 air strikes in Balakot, Pakistan — of how misinformation originates and spreads and how collective narratives form on social media.

  • Governance of Risk in Sub-Saharan Africa

    In a series of papers—focusing on Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Freetown, Sierra Leone; and Monrovia, Liberia—researchers explored how interactions among people, the built and natural environment, and institutions shape and influence urbanization, the risks that arise as a result, and potential paths forward for reducing risk.

Completed Efforts

  • Bringing Traditional Grains Back to the African Dinner Table

    Although they are more nutritious and well-adapted to Africa's agro-ecological conditions, traditional grains have been losing market share to new grains—especially maize, rice and wheat. A joint initiative of Pardee RAND and the African Centre for Economic Transformation explored ways to bring sorghum and millet back to the dinner table, including a series of Superfoods cooking contests.

    Dec 2, 2016

  • Food-Energy-Water Index Aids Understanding of Human Development

    The interactive Pardee RAND Food-Energy-Water Index allows those interested in improving development to understand the dominant sources of insecurity in a nation and identify cases where many sources of insecurity are interrelated.

    Apr 25, 2016