Dissertations on International Development

One key aspect of the Pardee Initiative is its support of student dissertations: many alumni and students have received Pardee dissertation awards. Their papers, as well as other recent dissertations on international development issues, are featured here.

Related Dissertations

Dissertations in Progress

Pardee RAND students currently working on international development–focused dissertations, most of which are supported by the Pardee Initiative for Global Human Progress, include:

  • Gaby Armenta (cohort '15): Gender Inequality and the Social Determinants of Health. Three essays from Latin America. Dissertation chair: Emma Aguila; committee: Katie Derose.
  • Diogo Prosdocimi (cohort '16): Transportation and Quality of Life: The Effects of Physical Accessibility on Health, Education, Housing and Crime. Dissertation chair: Martin Wachs; committee: Rob Lempert.
  • Uzaib Saya (cohort '16): Essays on Health Investments in Sub-Saharan Africa Dissertation chair: Sebastian Linnemayr; committee: Italo Lopez Garcia, Zach Wagner.
  • Mahlet Tebeka (cohort '17): Assessing Sustainability of Programs Implemented in Low Resource Settings. Dissertation chair: Glenn Wagner; committee: Ryan McBain.
  • Katie Wilson (cohort '11): Shaping Women’s Choices: Three Essays on Gender-Neutral Policies with Gender-Differentiated Effects. Dissertation chair: Shanthi Nataraj; committee: Evan Peet, Rachel Heath.