October 2016 Contest Participants

Participants show their excitement about the final Superfoods Cook-Off

Photo by Saladin Media for the Pardee Initiative

Twenty-four professional and aspiring chefs, foodies, and innovators participated in the October 2016 grand finale of the Superfoods Cookery Contest.

The top three winning professional chefs from the first two competitions were invited back to compete against each other. However, an added level of difficulty was added in to the final competition: each professional chef was partnered with a street food vendor from Kampala, and all pairs were expected to prepare foods that could potentially be sold by vendors.

Professional Chefs

Participant Name Affiliation or organization Dish(es) prepared
Susan Kato Golf Course Hotel
  • Whole grain Sorghum Katogo
  • Whole grain sorghum fried rice
  • Millet Mahamri
  • Sorghum Bhajia
  • Whole grain millet and sorghum coconut beans
  • Chankita
  • Millet Vanilla Milkshake
  • Whole millet egg roll
  • Sweet potato coated with millet flour
Timothy Wandulu Liquid Silk Restaurant
  • Chicken on sugarcane fused with millet flour
  • Drumsticks stuffed with sorghum grains coated with millet flour
Ajen Joseph Golf Course Hotel
  • Sorghum mummies
  • Sorghum and potato curry
  • Millet bread
  • Sorghum cocktail juice
Andrew Alikulya Catering Solutions East Africa
  • Sorghum Afro-Sushi
  • Sorghum Rice balls
  • Sorghum chips
  • African Sorghum chocolate cake
Tobias Okumu Golf Course Hotel
  • Sorghum Patra
Priscilla Nabayise Golf Course Hotel
  • Sweet sorghum wine
  • Sorghum baggia

Street Food Vendors

Participant Name AffiliationDish(es) prepared
Jane Nyakaisiki Nakasero Market Popped Sorghum
Milly Sebbuliba Nakasero Market Fried rice whole sorghum
Monica Kayagi Arua Park Sorghum banana pancake
Consta Adong Nakawa Market Sorghum Pilau
Asiimwe Nicholus Rolex Vendor Millet Rolex
Wasswa Hassan Food Vendor Fish Curry with sorghum bread

Youth Foodies

Participant Name AffiliationDish(es) prepared
Sylvia Oile Self Employed Sorghum Balls
Donald Baguma Student Kyambogo University Millet and sorghum pizza
Mark Aheru Self Employed Millet Crusted cookies with beef fillet
Proscovia Nakabuusu Kyambogo University Millet Sorghum marble cake
Alenyo Faith Kyambogo University Sorghum millet rockburns
Kevin Teddy Kyambogo University Millet sandwich
Ojangole Max Igune Kyambogo University Ginger millet daddies
Ahab Tumushabe Kyambogo University Gluten-free millet sandwich bread
Regina Nantege Kyambogo University Sprouted sorghum-fish dumplings

Product Developers

Participant Name AffiliationDish(es) prepared
Betty Kasiriri Businga Product Developer Sweet Sorghum Kashera
Kwesiga Anne Rose Product developer Anmilora Buns
Aleto Mary Cecilia Product Developer Millet and Tamarind seed flour