Applied Microeconomics Seminar: Connecting Coursework to the Research Process

Professor: Armour
Units: 0.5
Elective Course (Research Analysis and Design: Empirical Analysis)

This course aims to connect the applied economic methodologies that students learn in their economics coursework to current research and thus to students' own research. It will do so by leveraging RAND's connection with the broader research community, wrapping around the RAND Economics, Statistics, and Sociology department's Applied Microeconomics seminar series, in which outside economists are invited to present research-in-progress.

Before each seminar, each student and the professor will review the speaker's manuscript and write a brief memo summarizing its strengths and weaknesses, we will attend and participate in the seminar, and we will meet afterward to discuss the choices the authors made, with interested students scheduling meetings with the speakers. The primary aim is to connect Pardee RAND’s economics curriculum with the broader economic research environment, providing insight to students as to how academic preparation informs independent research. If successful, this format can be extended to additional disciplines (e.g., the Psychology speaker series).