Emerging Technology Regulation

Professor: Stapleton
Units: 0.5
Elective Course (Research Analysis and Design: Empirical Analysis, Policy Analysis)

In this course, students will explore the policymaking environment and policy specifics of three case studies in emerging technology regulation: agricultural genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the use of CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technology in human health applications, and the category of devices that connect the human body to the internet known as the Internet of Bodies (IoB).

The course will provide a deeper dive into policy design and analysis by having students apply analytical concepts and tools to emerging technology policy problems. The GMO case will provide an established example of government regulation when there was uncertainty about associated risks. Students will then engage with cases in which risk regulation and policy approaches have not yet solidified (CRISPR and IoB) in order to examine the decisionmaking environments for regulating these technologies and the potential outcomes of a range of policy solutions.