Green Swans: Extreme Weather Impact on Financial Stability, Risk Management and Policies

Professor: Arciniegas Rueda
Units: 1.0
Elective Course (Research Analysis and Design: Modeling Human Systems)

Green Swans are climate related events that are characterized by deep uncertainty and non-linearity. Green Swans have similar characteristics to Black Swans (e.g., subprime crisis) but with deeper level of non-linearity and complexity. Hedging of Green Swans is very limited. Green Swans are Black Swans in steroids. Central Banks, Regulators, Energy companies, and all different actors in the world economy are starting to awake to the possibility of Green Swans in the near future. This course will introduce the concept of Green Swans, discuss the specific threats that they can cause to the economy’s financial stability and discuss some of the new methodological Risk Management tools being discussed by risk professioals and policy makers to mitigate.