Policy Analysis I: Perspectives of Public Policy Analysis

Professors: Ryan and Wasserman
Units: 1.0
Core Course

The purpose of the course is to introduce Pardee RAND students to the profession of public policy analysis and to provide them with an overview of the tools of the trade. This includes describing the general framework, methods, ethics, and professional standards used by policy analysts, as well as techniques for communicating with clients. In short, the course is designed to help students develop a professional identity.

Toward this end, students will be introduced to a broad array of policy problems—from the local to the international level—and how policy analysis can be used to improve decision making. Special attention will be given to the political and historical contexts for decision making.

The course will rely on a combination of lectures and class discussion as well as a series of case studies that illustrate relevant applications. The case studies will draw upon experiences at all levels of government and perhaps even individual institutions.