R Programming for Scientific Analysis

Professor: Mendelsohn
Units: 1
Elective Course

The R programming language is more than a scientific toolkit; it's an entire hardware store. With scientific teams around the world contributing to its development, this free, open source language has every tool an analyst needs to process data, conduct computational analyses, and visualize the results.

This course will empower students to wield the R toolkit effectively, focusing on three power-programming fundamentals: getting comfortable working directly with the basic building blocks of the language, adapting programming style to be error-robust and resource efficient for the task at hand, and building experience using R programming to solve diverse computational challenges.

This course is suitable for beginner and intermediate R programmers. Beginners will gain a solid foundation for wielding the language. Intermediate users will have ample opportunity to evolve skills beyond those in immediate project demand, and break the bad habits that hold programmers back.