Pardee RAND Dissertations

Pardee RAND students participate in a dissertation workshop, photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

Students share their research in a dissertation workshop

Diane Baldwin/RAND

Pardee RAND dissertations provide students with an opportunity to tackle some of the most pressing and difficult policy problems of the day. Collectively, the dissertations produced by our students have spanned the full gamut of substantive public policy areas and analytic methods.

All students enroll in a small-group dissertation workshop, led by select faculty members, to understand the elements of the process and begin developing their dissertation. Given the varying requirements among the streams, the dissertation may have a different scope and set of parameters depending on the individual’s program path.

Dissertation research takes place in a unique environment — a graduate school embedded in the world's largest independent public policy research organization. At any given time at RAND, there are more than 1,000 research projects under way. Many students link their dissertations to these projects, carving out an area for their individual contribution to knowledge. This is an opportunity Pardee RAND students value, an opportunity RAND values — and an opportunity that produces dissertations that probably could not be produced anywhere else.


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