Security and Defense Research

RAND helped create the field of defense analysis after World War II. Modern researchers at RAND, including Pardee RAND students, carry on this tradition. Common topic areas include strategy and policy, technology and acquisition, logistics, and personnel. Students doing research in this area employ diverse methods: modeling and simulation, wargaming, archival research, econometric analysis, and more. In recent years, roughly forty percent of students’ project work (OJT) has been related to defense and security.

Student-Faculty Research Collaborations

Through project-based research and other OJT and experiential learning opportunities, students work with faculty mentors to obtain professional skills and tacit knowledge that courses alone cannot convey. Here are a few recent projects and their resulting research.

  • Predictors of PTSD Treatment Retention and Response

    Sangita Baxi (cohort '17), Christine Chen ('15), Meghan Franco ('17), Mahlet Gizaw ('17), and Nima Shahidinia ('16) worked with Profs. Margaret Maglione and Susanne Hempel to identify baseline patient characteristics and program features associated with military PTSD treatment retention, response, and remission

  • Developing Strategic Plans for Defense Human Resource Management

    Although leaders of many organizations appreciate the value of strategic planning, they wrestle with the principles that should be used to guide a planning process. Nathan Thompson (cohort '20) and Prof. Charles Goldman colleagues explore what principles should guide the development and implementation of strategic plans in defense human resource management organizations.

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