Center for Applied Network Analysis

Promoting the application of formal network analysis across RAND's research portfolio

Network methods consider systems holistically, rather than focusing on individual characteristics, allowing researchers to provide comprehensive insights and solutions for important policy topics.

The RAND Center for Applied Network Analysis (RCANA) promotes the application of formal network analysis of individuals, organizations, and systems across the full range of RAND’s research portfolio. The tools of network analysis allow us to analyze these relationships throughout a system. We can identify facets of the system—such as key actors, conduits of influence, and important communities—that are critical to the network’s behavior. A network analysis approach can also help us craft network interventions that leverage the structural features of networks to produce policy impacts.

RAND’s network researchers are experts from a range of fields including behavioral and social science, history, communications, business administration, mathematics, physics, and statistics, and engineering. Our background enables us to bring interdisciplinary techniques and insights to our work.

Our Focus

Our approach to network analysis takes the long view, and from every angle. Various methods—including network analysis, complex systems analysis, and social media analysis—allow us to analyze a wide range of relationships to provide objective solutions.

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