Our Focus: Supporting Qualitative and Mixed Methods

Qualitative and mixed methods are ubiquitous at RAND, as they allow researchers to develop formative understandings of processes and to link these understandings with quantitative data collection and analysis. We encourage the use of — and innovations in — the following areas:

Interviews and Focus Groups

Interviews may be semi-structured or exploratory and are generally conducted one-on-one; focus groups are interviews involving a number of individuals at once, sometimes with the goal of finding consensus. Expert elicitation may take place in person or online and often has the goal of developing an expert consensus.

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Cultural and Social Network Analysis

Research on cultural and social networks includes cultural domain analysis, cultural consensus analysis, and egocentric network or personal network analysis.

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Literature Reviews

As a method, the literature review includes such elements as narrative or descriptive analysis, logic models, systematic reviews, and meta analysis.

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