Past Symposium Activity

2015 Robert K. Ross, President & CEO of The California Endowment, Social Determinants of Health: Non-medical Interventions that Affect Population Health
2014 Shivani Siroya, CEO and Founder of InVenture, The Power of Innovation to Drive Inclusive Growth
2013 Borja Leon, Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles for Transportation, The L.A. Story
2012 Dr. Jonathan Fielding, Director of the LA County Department of Public Health and Health Officer for LA County, The Health Dividend
2011 Bonnie Reiss, Regent of the University of California, Education in California: Past, Present and Future
2010 The Honorable Gray Davis, 37th Governor of California, Policy Options to Fix California's Budget
2009 no keynote
2008 Professor Daniel J.B. Mitchell, UCLA, The Collapse of the Schwarzenegger Health Plan in California
2007 Brian Michael Jenkins, RAND Corporation, The War on Terror and Efforts to Prevent Attacks in Los Angeles

Past Panels


Panel 1: Social Innovation Panel Discussion
Panelists: Trey Miller, RAND
Paul Torrens, UCLA/Claremont Graduate University
Margaret Weber, eRoots/WORKS
Abby Fifer Mandell, USC
Panel 2A: Business/Technology and Innovation Panel
Moderator: Sandip Chakrabarti, USC
Panelists: Rafiq Dossani, RAND
Arjan Schutte, Core Innovation Capital
Louis Stewart, California Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development
Peter Marx, City of Los Angeles
Panel 2B: Inequality and Innovation Panel
Moderator: Christopher Nelson, RAND
Panelists: Ricardo Basurto-Dávila, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
Heather Campbell, Claremont Graduate University
Colleen Callahan, UCLA


Panel 1: Local Transportation Panel Discussion
Panelists: Eric Peltz, RAND
Jonathan Kulick, Pepperdine
Kenneth Kuhn, RAND
James E. Moore II, USC
Panel 2A: Environment and Transportation Panel
Moderator: Sandip Chakrabarti, USC
Panelists: Rob Lempert, RAND
Juan Matute, UCLA
Rui Wang, UCLA
Panel 2B: Human Trafficking Panel
Moderator: Priscillia Hunt, RAND
Panelists: Det. Dana Harris, LAPD
Lt. Andre Dawson, LAPD
Mark Latonero, USC
Angela Chung, CAST
Vanessa Lanza, CAST


Panel 1: Health
Moderator: Lisa Meredith, RAND
Panelists: Chloe Bird, RAND/PRGS
LaVonna Lewis, USC
Susan Babey, UCLA
Manal Aboelata, Prevention Institute
Panel 2A: International Development
Moderator: Juan Saavedra, RAND Corporation
Panelists: Sebastian Linnemayr, RAND
Tridib Banerjee, USC
Stephen Commins, UCLA/International Medical Corps
Luisa Blanco, Pepperdine
Panel 2B: Economic Development
Moderator: Seth Seabury, PRGS
Panelists: Sean Jasso, Pepperdine
Christopher Koontz, Planning Deputy, Office of Councilmember Paul Koretz
Michael Chasalow, USC


Panel 1: Current Issues in Education
Moderator: Michael Shires, Economist, Associate Professor of Public Policy, Pepperdine University
Panelists: Lida Jennings, Managing Director, Teach for America
Paco Martorell, Economist, RAND Corporation
Sarah Reber, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, UCLA
Robert Rueda, Stephen H. Crocker Professor of Education, USC
Panel 2A: Energy and Natural Resource Challenges in Los Angeles
Moderator: Lloyd Dixon, Senior Economist, RAND Corporation
Panelists: J.R. DeShazo, Director of the Luskin Center, UCLA
Wade Graham, Adjunct Professor, Pepperdine University
Rob Lempert, Senior Physical Scientist, RAND Corporation
Daniel Mazmanian, Professor and Bedrosian Chair in Governance, USC
Panel 2B: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Middle East
Moderator: Gary Bagley, Diplomat-in-Residence, UCLA
Panelists: Dalia Dassa Kaye, Senior Political Scientist, RAND Corporation
Eric Larson, Senior Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation
Claude Berrebi, Economist, RAND Corporation
Fred Wehrey, Senior Policy Analyst, RAND Corporation


Panel: Reforming local and state budget: How far has the financial crisis changed the dynamic?
Moderator: Susan Marquis, Dean of the Pardee RAND Graduate School
Discussants: Juliet Musso, Associate Professor, USC
Michael Shires, Associate Professor, Pepperdine University


Panel 1: The Elephant in the Room: Social Security, Medicare and Rising Health Care Costs
Panelists: Nicole Maestas, Economist, RAND Corporation, and Professor of Economics, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Fernando Torres-Gil, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Social Welfare and Public Policy, UCLA, and Director, Center for Policy Research on Aging
Lavonna Blair Lewis, Clinical Associate Professor, USC, and Director of the Master's Health Administration Program at the USC School of Policy, Planning and Development
Panel 2A: The Deterioration of U.S. Infrastructure: How Should We Pay for Our Infrastructure?
Panelists: Genevieve Giuliano, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Technology, Professor, USC, Director, METRANS
Richard G. Little, Director of the Keston Institute for Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy, USC
Thomas Light, Associate Economist, RAND and Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Panel 2B: Increased Enforcement on Drug Offenders: Reducing the Prison Population
Panelists: Mark Kleiman, Director, Drug Policy Analysis Program, Professor of Public Policy, UCLA
Beau Kilmer, Codirector of the RAND Drug Policy Research Center, and Associate Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation


Panel 1A: The Future of Transit in Los Angeles
Panelists: James Elliot Moore II, Chair, Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, USC
Brian Taylor, Director, Institute of Transportation Studies, UCLA
Martin Wachs, Director, Transportation, Space, and Technology Program, RAND Corporation
Panel 1B: California Immigration Policy: Past Patterns, Future Impact
Panelists: Dowell Myers, Director, Population Dynamics Research Group, USC
Gary Painter, Director of Research, Lusk Center for Real Estate, USC
George Vernez, Director, Center for Research on Immigration Policy, RAND Corporation
Panel 2: The Post-Post 9/11 President: Security Lessons from the Bush Administration for the Next Commander-in-Chief
Panelists: David Aaron, Director, RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy
Claude Berrebi, Associate Economist, RAND Corporation
William J. Burns, Consultant, Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events, USC
Peter Katona, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine in Infectious Disease, UCLA
Robert Kaufman, Professor of Public Policy, Pepperdine School of Public Policy


Panel 1A: Strategies to Mitigate Climate Change
Panelists: J.R. DeShazo, Director, Lewis Center for Regional Policy, UCLA
Robert Lempert, Senior Physical Scientist, RAND Corporation
Mary Nichols, Director, UCLA Institute for the Environment
Martin Wachs, Director, Transportation, Space, and Technology Program, RAND Corporation
Panel: 1B Challenges Faced by the Urban Poor
Panelists: Evelyn Blumenberg, Associate Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA
Elizabeth D'Amico, Behavioral Scientist, RAND Corporation
Michael Stoll, Acting Director, Center for the Study of Urban Poverty, UCLA
Suzanne Wenzel, Senior Behavioral Scientist, RAND Corporation
Panel 2: Beyond Health Insurance
Panelists: Melinda Beeuwkes Buntin, Codirector, Center for Health Care Organization, Economics, and Finance, RAND Corporation
Emmett Keeler, Senior Mathematician, RAND Corporation
Arleen Leibowitz, Chair, Department of Public Policy, UCLA
Neal Halfon, Director, Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities, UCLA

Student Presentations


Alexander Becker and Caroline Stevens, USC – The Ramifications of California's Prison Realignment: A Closer Look at County Level Strategies, Funding Allocations and Pretrial Populations

Shannon Moran, Pepperdine – Mobile Money in Development: A Case Study between Tanzania and Uganda

Andrea Jones, Alison Muckle, and Martha Washo, UCLA – Market Match, Fresh Incentives for Improving Food Security of Older Angelinos

David Diaz Avelar, Claremont – San Gabriel Valley Bicycle Master Plan: Creating Bikeable Streets for All

Prodyumna Goutam, Pardee RAND – Women’s Assets and Household Fuel Choice in Karnataka


Amy Brennen, USC – An Exploratory Analysis of California Charter School Discipline Policies in Relation to Charter School Demographics

Victoria Marie Lopez, Pepperdine – Stunting, Wasting, and Underweight Prevalence in Relation to Improved Water and Sanitation in Sierra Leone

Sinduja V. Srinivasan, Pardee RAND Graduate School – Male Earnings Inequality and Female Age at Marriage

Nicholas Cain, Claremont – Unlocking the Potential of Renewable Energy

Chloe Cornuejols, Soledad De Gregorio, Nobuko Goto, and Cody Reneau, UCLA – Increasing Student Learning: Evidence from a Teacher Bonus Program in Rio de Janeiro


Casey O’Neil, Pepperdine – Are All R&D Dollars Created Equal? A look at the effect of federal investment on patent success

Helen Wu, Pardee RAND Graduate School – What’s on the Menu? Chain Restaurant Nutrition in the Food Policy Spotlight

Becky French, Christopher Mangum-James, and Sam Gelinas, USC – The Archdiocese of Los Angeles’s Extended School Year Policy: An Implementation Case Study

Rob Lester and Abby McClelland, UCLA – Analysis of Potential Improvements of HIV Testing Programs at LA Gay & Lesbian Center


Kiran Hashmi, Lia Moore, Todd Muehlenbeck, Stephanie Rohn and Peggy J. Vadillo, USC – A spatial and multivariate analysis of Social Security Disability Insurance

Harrison Wolf, Pepperdine – The Proper Role of Dual-Use Export Control

Kathleen Allen, Gilberto Espinoza and Lauren Smith, UCLA – Meeting the growing demand for the California AIDS Drug Assistance Program in a fiscal crisis

Adam Gailey, Pardee RAND Graduate School – The fiscal impact of health trends


Chris Sharon, Pardee RAND Graduate School – Moving to Opportunity: An Exploration of Autism Policy Using State-level Variation

Adam Gailey, Pardee RAND Graduate School – The Value of Pharmacogenetics and the Economics of Personalized Medicine


Nicholas Williams, Heather May, Elke Kolodinski and Aundreia Cameron, USC – Measuring the Effects of Video Surveillance on Crime: Case Studies in Los Angeles

LaMonica Andreoff, Elisabeth Furbush and Brian Hackney, UCLA – Undue Influence: The Impact of In re A-K and In re A-T on Female Genital Cutting Asylum Cases

Sarah Gaillot, Pardee RAND Graduate School – Barriers to Mental Health Care Following a Sudden, Unexpected Physical Injury