Student Leadership Council

Pardee RAND SLC Happy Hour, photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

Students unwind at an SLC-sponsored happy hour

Photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND

The Pardee RAND Graduate School Student Leadership Council (Council or SLC) links Pardee RAND Fellows with the school and RAND leadership, facilitating student input to school policy and fostering communication between fellows and the wider RAND community.

All enrolled Pardee RAND fellows are eligible to vote for Council representatives. There are five members total: four councilmembers, including three cohort representatives and a representative to the Faculty Committee on Curriculum and Appointments (FCCA), are elected in the fall by the student body. An at-large representative is appointed by the elected councilmembers.

The Council serves to provide input to the school and RAND decision-making processes, disseminate information to fellows and other relevant persons or committees, assist with the formation and operation of ad hoc committees, and manage discretionary funds to benefit the student body.

2023-2024 SLC Members