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The generosity of Pardee RAND alumni and friends is key to the success of our school, our faculty, and our students—the world’s next leaders. Philanthropic support helps us provide students with the training and tools necessary to address complex challenges and improve the lives of people everywhere.

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Our Students

Pardee RAND students are working on today’s challenges, partnering with communities, uncovering new technologies and methods, and striving to change the world. Scholarships, fellowships, and dissertation awards are just three ways in which we invest in our future leaders. Donor contributions help cover tuition and expenses and ensure students’ continued access—regardless of background and economic circumstances—to a Pardee RAND education.

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Our Faculty

Pardee RAND professors not only bring their academic minds to the classroom but provide students with unmatched learning, training, and mentoring opportunities. Our students work alongside the faculty on RAND projects, for actual clients, with real impact. Philanthropic contributions help Pardee RAND recruit and retain talented professors and support them as they translate classroom lessons into real-world applications that benefit and improve our world.

Our Facilities

With donor support, we aim to update Pardee RAND's facilities to encourage more interaction and engagement among and between our students and faculty members. Learning continues long after students leave the classroom. By designing and constructing new study spaces and areas for collaboration and innovation, we can foster deeper learning and connections throughout the organization.

Our Flexibility

Flexible philanthropic support for Pardee RAND, through the Pardee RAND Dean's Fund, provides the school with resources necessary to act on fast-breaking priorities. This unrestricted funding is used to help Pardee RAND and the dean take advantage of opportunities and fully address challenges and opportunities as they arise.

Annual Leadership Giving: Pardee RAND Dean’s Society

Annual gifts to Pardee RAND provide the graduate school with a reliable and renewable source of support and a primary base for addressing the school’s greatest needs. Pardee RAND’s most loyal donors—Dean’s Society supporters—are a pivotal part of propelling our school forward. Through their generosity and vision, they annually demonstrate the highest levels of leadership and a commitment to supporting an unmatched public policy graduate education.

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$25,000 – $49,999


$10,000 – $24,999


$5,000 – $9,999


$2,500 – $4,999


$1,000 – $2,499

Contributions to Pardee RAND, including from Dean’s Society supporters, are directed to help enhance the graduate school for our students and faculty members. Your donation is making a difference.

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Giving in Action

We are indebted to the many individuals and organizations that have made Pardee RAND a philanthropic priority.

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